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  1. 1955 Buick 4 door window trim, windshield trim, starter, complete dash including gauges and heater control, door step plates?.. Sorry no photos on ad. Can't figure out how to post them. will email photos of whatever you're interested in. you can call or text me at 678-758-5171. I live in Covington GA. You can also email me at terrybaker2008@live.com.
  2. I have all the side trim with only one small dent at end (you can see in photo) , windshield trim, rear window trim, outside bottom of window stainless trim, inside window painted trim, the whole dash including gauge cluster....for better photos email me at terrybaker2008@live.com or call/text 678-758-5171 Terry
  3. 55 4 door Buick Special stainless trim. both sides front fender, doors and rear fender. bottom of window trim all 4 doors. rear window trim. front window trim (one small dent on top piece. Also have brand new front windshield. rear light lens, front head lights, whole dash with all the knobs....complete wiring harness fro head lights to dash (cut wires going to rear lights at post, only cut wires on dash are at the end on the gauge cluster and ignition switch). email,text or call. terrybaker2008@live.com 678-758-5171 Terry
  4. I also have removed all of the dash and heatong componets. all that is left is the vent flap and it will come out next day i get to finish it. (probably tomorrow) seats are almost perfect, looks like they had been recovered at one time. you can email me at terrybaker2008@live.com or call me at 678-758-5171
  5. I am broken hearted about it but need the money for mortgage. I did buy a 56 Century that I am using alot of the engine parts on. Call me at 678-758-5171 or email me at terrybaker2008@live.com and i can send you some pics i made last few days as i was stripping her down. i live in covington GA its a 4 hr tripp stright down 85 from charlotte. body needs sanding and paint. only dent is in trunck (easy fix) only rust (other than surface) is front floor boards which will need replaced. I already put rust stop on it. I am in class right now at home online but can take a call if you would like.
  6. I am in the process of scraping the 55 but have removed all the side stainless and fron windshield stainless, all of the dash and heater controls....text or call for list. make offer 678-758-5171 thanks terry
  7. I have a new 1955 Buick Special windshield for sale. I bought it for my 55 Buick special but ran across too exstensive of engine problems and am scraping the project (and the car). Don't fret Buick lovers, I bought a 56 Buick Century I can "get on the road" in a week. I thought the windsheilds were the same but found out to the contrary.THIS QUALITY WINDSHIELD FITS THE 1954-1956 BUICK 2 DOOR SEDAN, 4 DOOR SEDAN & STATION WAGON SPECIAL AND CENTURY BODY STYLE. IT DOES NOT FIT THE 2 DOOR HARDTOP, 4 DOOR HARDTOP OR CONVERTIBLE. AS WELL IT DOES NOT FIT ANY OF THE LARGER BODIED SUPER OR ROADMASTER MODELS. THIS WINDSHIELD ALSO FITS THE 1954-1956 OLDSMOBILE 2 DOOR SEDAN, 4 DOOR SEDAN & STATION WAGON. IT DOES NOT FIT THE 2 DOOR HARDTOP OR THE 4 DOOR HARDTOP. You can email me at terrybaker2008@live.com . Free Delivery within 50 mile radius of Covington, Ga. Make offer or will swap for 56 Buick Century windshield. Also have the rear glass i can remove from 55 Buick Special at an additional cost (used)
  8. First, Dang. Second thanks. he has what looks like the original 4 bbl on it (only looked a few min in the cold) but did not see switch or wires running to it. he has another "original" carb I am going to pick up next couple of days. Do you know if the switch from the 2bbl 55 special will interchange with the 56 century 4bbl? He also changed out the gas pedal and throttle assembly. I am pretty sure I can use the one on my 55 for that. Thanks Terry
  9. Bought a 56 Buick Century and trying to get it started. I was told it runs if you pour gas down the carb because "the choke" was stuck. I noticed the gas line went up under the front of the engine and the fuel pump was bypassed. I asked "electric fuel pump?" he didnt know. : ) I glanced under and a new pump was attached to the tank so i assumed( yea i know) that it just quit. Sure enough it was unplugged and someone had put a new starter but the wron solinoid on the car. I swapped the solinoid out from my 55 special and it turned over perfectly via jumping the starter. My problem now is I cant find the starter switch. The carb has been replaced and i dont know if the 56 has the card starter switch or not. Soon as it gets above freezing I plan on tracing out all the wiring but just need the info on where i need to put my starter switch. I can switch intakes and carbs from my 2bbl 55 special for now if needed. so does the 56 century have a button on the dash or is it still on the carb? Thanks Terry
  10. Brand new 1955 Buick Special windshield. Bought for my 4dr but engine has bad valve so i bought a 56 Buick Century thinking it was the same windshield but it is not. These go for $650 and up plus shipping. Make me an offer I can't refuse and either pick up or you pay for delivery. I can pack. Also have about everything else on the 55 for sale also. Rebuilt starter, master cylander, radiator, heater cores, rare stromberg carberator, generator....all rebuilt. You can email me at terrybaker2008@live.com Thanks Terry
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