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  1. Every Friday night from June thru mid September the local car clubs head out to E. 7th Avenue in North St. Paul, MN, to show off their cars and do some old fashioned Cruising! Here's some video I shot last night of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccyviTry_7U
  2. This car is way cooler than the Batmobile every was. This is the coolest looking car I've ever seen in my opinion!
  3. Thanks for the compliment. It is true old 8mm film was not very clear especially after being transferred to Beta video tape, then analog copied onto computer disk before being digitized. At least it's still "watchable."
  4. Did you forget? My wife was behind the wheel....
  5. When I shot this video the focus wasn't supposed to be on my car, but rather on the place we used to cruise when we were teenagers. Unfortunately, I no longer own this car. I sold it a couple of years ago because it was becoming way too hard to find parts for it. No matter, since this is a Buick forum, and the Grand National was the only Buick I ever owned, I felt compelled to share it's memory with all the Buick Lovers out there. I hope you enjoy the ride, even though my wife was driving so I could film..... HINT: If you watch this video in Full Screen mode it's almost as if you are riding along!
  6. Here is some actual footage I shot with an 8mm movie camera back in 1979. I added the sound track in the 1980's, when I could still remember who everyone was. Enjoy!
  7. Porky's was the last of the 50's style drive-ins to be closed in the Twin Cities. It fell victim to the new Light Rail Transit line that went through the middle of University Avenue.
  8. Here's a cool news video of teenage cruising in Hopkins, MN back in the 1970's. I was down there the night this was filmed!
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