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  1. I love this forum after day 1. I needed help and found the place. What makes this love for cars so great is theres always someone willing to help u. Thanks again guys
  2. Hey fellow Buick lovers, Im proud to say I own a 1955 special with 80k on her and im the 3rd owner now. It has been a load of fun learning and working on it. In 1 day I got her running after 25 plus years of being stored in the garage. I did some research on non detergent oil also lead additive for the gas, put a new battery in after fresh fluids and she fired right up. Now after a few times around the block the clutch is slipping really bad. Do they make clutch kits for the 3 speed manual. I find kits but I have no clue the size or exactly what I need. And please feel free to give tips, advance or any thing I should check into to make this car right again. I plan to restore her and try to keep almost everything original. May add a radio but other than that I love it the way it is. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks Pontiac 1953. Ill try the rear solution 1st, I need to change my gas tank too so while im under there this will be the time. I thought about the flywheel like u said. There's a shop here in town that charges 25-30 dollars. I thought that was a pretty good deal for the surfacing. Appreciate the tips, going to try and tackle this now before the heat gets here in the south.
  4. Dear Buick fans or any classic car lover, I am new to the classic's but knew id own one soon after seeing the special in movies like this boys life and dont tell mom the babysitter is dead. I finally just bought a 1955 Buick special 3 speed on the column with 80k miles on it. Since im in my 20s this older technology on this car is like my grandparents with my ipod, definitely takes reading and just getting under the hood. After not running for 25yrs I changed the battery, drained all fluids, bought new non detergent oil and an oil canister filter, put lead addictive in the gas & she fired right up. Issue 1.) Now I can feel the clutch is slipping badly and needs to be replaced. The issue im having is the correct parts and how to do it. I cant find a clutch kit for sale ( I can but not sure what size ) nor do I know the best way to change it. Ive seen pull the motor or some tube and rear end forum. Issue 2.) Now it wont start. Which I think im going to buy a new starter and solenoid so that takes 2 of the maybes gone. I heard the relay or switch by the carb and manifold can go bad but rare. The motor wont even turn over with a new battery but everything comes on so I think its one of those I listed but any info is much appreciated. Thanks for your time & help : )