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  1. hmmm I thought the $900 item was a steal for a rebuild and warranty - considering the price of accumulators (which I assume are in the $300 range now that SpinningWheels is out of stock) @Corvanti the MC is actually for my 1990 Buick Park Avenue Ultra with the infamous 20 way seats (and requisite hard to find trim parts) - its got Bose, digi dash and moonroof so I figure I should save it ....I believe Reatta/P/A's MC's are interchangeable? pic of seat controls pic of MC in car
  2. Thanks Barney for the technical breakdown - if possible I would purchase all three items the accumulator, pressure switch and pump relay - My past attempts at purchasing a new accumulator have failed as I am unable to get an accumulator shipped across the border, hence my search for a whole new MC, as for the other two I haven't looked yet from the image shown on one of the links - it appears to contain everything you mentioned above - do you think it is reasonable to assume that this is a functioning unit - or just some old part that might fail prematurely? http://www.invasionautoproducts.com/abspump-and-motor-buick-abs-gm88-90.html
  3. Hello I have given up on trying to find a new accumulator - the only ones I find are usually cannot be shipped across the border (this includes the usual suspects like SpinningWheels and Amazon - though that hasn't been an viable option in a while) Not sure if Buick Reatta Parts or East Coast Reatta Parts company still sells accumulators 2 questions for you all a- for the Canadians on this board - where do you find your brake parts if they cannot cross the border? do you deliberately go on vacation to get parts- that is what I feel I have to do b- I have found some 'new' Master cylinders online? would the accumulators on these Master Cylinders be 20 yeat old NOS or new units? (See below) http://www.invasionautoproducts.com/abspump-and-motor-buick-abs-gm88-90.html http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/25535706.html Thank you - from someone trying to save a 1989-1990 Buick Ultra P/A - A car that is becoming rather scarce Cheers