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  1. I really understand the desire and passion for cars as I own several Muscle and Pre-War vehicles. On a daily basis I will surf the net looking at vehicles that are offered for sale as well as research vehicles too. There a particular sites that are in my bookmarks. I have come across one site that sells a full spectrum of vehicles they are located in/around Anheuser Busch's home town. On more than one occasion they have listed Pierce Arrows for sale with misinformation. Maybe innocent, maybe a typo or just plain lazy. As we all know most anything is on the net to review and draw your own conclusion especially car info/facts. I will never understand why a car sales business who sells via the internet as well as brick and mortar doesn't do this so they can correctly market a vehicle for sale. What I am getting at is if you dont know much about a particular vehicle that you truly desire contact an organization that represents the ownership of the make. I would be certain that a member of the organization would be more than happy to pass on information in order to assist your decision in purchasing a car. Diligence will save you time, money and frustration.
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