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  1. Machines and computers spoiled them I suppose everything has to be efficient also. Aerodynamically.
  2. Hi Everyone, Thank you for sharing your ideas. I have absolutely no idea about classic cars. That is why I signed up for AACA and so far it has been very educational. I can't wait to read all the other threads and topics. My first post was about identifying a car I saw in a photo. Ever since I looked at that photo I was wondering what happened to American cars? Why do cars today look SO UGLY? Perhaps ugly is the wrong word, but maybe boring? Every car looks the same. American classic cars were stunning. What time period did American cars started to look like everyone elses?
  3. Which American classic car would you choose that was radically different from any other car in the world at its time or any time? Most cars today look like every other car. And to be specific no customs cars. Concepts either. Just ones that went into production.
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