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    I've been a car nut since I was very young. The only thing I love more is the Lord and my wife. My dream is a 1953 Oldsmobile 88 coupe. Thats pretty much it.
  1. This all worked out fine, but unfortunately, even after a lot of electrical component cleaner, the speedo doesn't light up unless the know is fiddled with. The ease of that has increased, though. Also, there is a very, very faint sound when the radio is on. Wouldn't call it a buzz really, or a hum, just a really faint sound i need to be in a silent garage to hear with the car off obviously . Maybe it isn't the vibrator
  2. Hey 48: maybe we can! I'd love to do something like that. On our end, being where we are career/life wise, getting the time is going to be our challenge. I am thinking this fall or next spring/fall. The more the merrier! Be sure to let me know if you ever take 20 my way in the mean time there is some cool stuff along it Mark: that had to be a nasty day. And it probly has improved since then... It's changed a lot in the past few alone
  3. Yikes! that had to be a less than enjoyable day! How long ago was that? is cell coverage better now? I have all summer to get to know my car better. We plan to do this in the fall to avoid extreme temps. I will look more into the unsafe side of things.
  4. Jack: Yea there wont be a plan to rush - i think that guid outlines like, how much to drive per day, but if we ended up somewhere neat, we would certainly hang. West Peterson: What do you mean, not safe? like bad areas, or too much traffic? the latter is a huge concern I have for this trip. I dont want to end up in something equal to like new york city traffic. I went there once in a brand new corolla and felt bad for the car... certainly not keen on doing it with 40 less horsepower, 1,000 more pounds, 2 less gears, and 65 more years!
  5. Driving them sure is the best part of owning them! I used to live across the Alley from you (alligator alley, that is) and wish i had a classic there - I'd have driven it all the time! Here, there is still more snow to come, which means salt. And it starts again in november. Blah! R W: I wanted to start a new thread to have some dialog with other other owners. I have been search and reading quite a bit, but I really wanna have some conversation.
  6. Howdy! Ever since I saw the commercial for my car (1950 Chevy), the slogan "The the U-S-A in your Chev-ro-let" has been making me want to do just that. My wife and I live in Western New York State, and the Beautiful streatch of "5&20" is accessed from the road we live on, about 20 minutes south. The "20" in "5&20" is US20, the longest road in the US (ignoring its breif name change in Yellowstone) and conncects the Atlantic Ocean in Boston to the Pacific Ocean in Newport Oregon. .... follow me here ... the Historic Route 66 begins on Lakeshore in Chicago, and like a mile after it starts, US20 crosses it. My goal is to take Historic Route 66 from end to end in my 1950 chevy. I would love to hear from some folks that have done this within the last decade or so and get an idea from folks what I am in for. I know at times it puts you on an actual interstate, and that is concerning because I am not doing 75 in this car. I am weary to do 60 for any long period of time. I found an 8 day plan from Chicago to LA. My thought is that I will want to take a more direct and non-stop drive home, again placing me on 70mph roads. Hearing possible concerns about the car itself would be welcome. I'd like to keep this thread alive and really know what I am up against. We are hoping to do this in the fall
  7. Thanks. I will give it a go. I tried a large flathead in the slot but was afraid to overdue it, being unsure if thats how it worked.
  8. Rusty: the button was just like you described. The bezel is decorative. It's not a nut, and while it had a slot that would appear to be for Unscrewing it, it doesn't turn of pry off. Since you sound like you've done this a bunch of times, perhaps you can save me from ruining it and explain how to get the bezel off I appreciate your help!
  9. That is completely awesome! so the filter element looking thing in there... that looks beat. I should probly replace that, right?
  10. I will do it that way. So long as I can drive it in the interim. Of course, after wednesdays blizzard, it might be a while. Its on my To Do pile! Can someone explain in a few sentences what the idea of an oil bath air cleaner is? can any modern K&N style filter that fits replace one?
  11. I already registered it with regular plantes, and there is no title cause she is so old. There are DMVs a bit more into the country I can try to avoid madness. Thanks all!!
  12. Thanks guys! I appreciate all this! I'm excited to get this done. Would it make sense to just being a photocopy of my registration, the plate, and an insurance ID card to the DMV? Or does I have to be mailed?
  13. Thanks for all this help! And AJ your car is quite stunning. I looked at my Hagarty policy and nothing about it indicateds it's historical. The documents outlining the coverage say "classic car policy" so I guess my next step is calling havarty and finding out. Or maybe I'll just go to the DMV and hope for the best. Their website says its a yearly registration if you have antique plates... Hopefully that doesn't mean more money.
  14. Very useful thanks! Now I wonder if my hagerty policy is "historical." Also, as for not using the front plate... Ny is thinking of going back to single (it's in legislation) I don't know I just can't stand the front plate on my everyday car. I actually would like two of the NY50 plates. Backwards, isn't it? Either way, I only have one from the PO. That post seems pretty convincing that it was a one plate year. Now I gotta figure out if my policy meets NY requirements
  15. I don't know if they did or not. I will tell ya this, I never put two on a car anyway. The modern plate on my '50 is just in the back, and my 2010 Camry has just one and the police leave me alone. But you are correct... I don't think I can register just one. That's why I gotta find out if there was originally 2