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  1. One side of the resistor should measure battery voltage, the other side 8-9 volts. This is key ON, engine OFF. You can also measure resistance across the resistor and see if its correct. Manual will say how many ohms Also, running full battery voltage all the time does not hurt the coil, but rather, the points. Modern cars with electronic ignition run full voltage all the time. No burned coils. They can do this because there are no physical contact points. Anyhow, if it runs then the resistor is most likely good.
  2. I agree, whats wrong with points? I like them because they warn you as they start to degrade. When an hei ignition module gives trouble, your dead in the water. You can crank til kingdom come, and nada.... zilch. Some folks carry an extra module in the glove box. But if it came with points, i usually leave them alone. Keeps it original as well
  3. That is correct on the temp sender. The thing that seems like a wire with a spring coiled around it is a temp gauge line. I would think the line would gently fold flat against the head, then attach the spark plug cover. The coiled line will exit out the back of the now attached cover. Pete is right.
  4. If your talking about the rectangle canister shaped thing on the left, i believe this to be your horn relay. I could be wrong. It wouldnt hurt to remove it to gain access, but if your horn works now, it wont if you discard that relay.
  5. The orange rtv that you used is probably copper rtv. Its infused with actual copper powder. If you smear some on your finger, it will look like metallic paint, because it is metallic. Its actually higher rated than high temp rtv. The red stuff is good to 500f, the orange copper is 700f intermittant. Ive used copper on manifolds of those pesky old FE fords... ie... 352, 360, 390. Those old FE ford manifolds would warp beyond machinability. Ive fixed a few for penny pincher customers with double gasket and copper rtv. I still do oil changes on an old 73 f100 that i did that manifold trick on a few yrs ago. Still holding.
  6. Below is a link to the original owners obituary. It list his hobbies and one of them was " driving big Buicks" lol Kinda neat really. His Buick addiction has been handed down to a younger guy that he would never meet or know. Im hooked on these nailheads now. No looking back. Im done with chevys. Buicks it will be. https://www.meaningfulfunerals.net/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=772435&fh_id=11620
  7. It looks white and i call it white, but its actually like a mint green. Mist green to be exact. Im not sure if it was added, or original. It very well may have been. The body paint codes are YWW, which is mist green and spruce green metallic. Im thinking ill leave the paint like it is for now. Looks decent and i like it. Good eye though, your right about the old picture.
  8. If I wasnt too far away, id be interested in the power steering setup. But otherwise, id restore it if I were you. That poor car is on the edge of entering the realm of the forgotten. With tears in its eyes even, saying.....Pete.....please.....dont forsake me. Lol.... i dunno.... no restoration really brings in profit. Not on most cars. Restoration is a deficit in monetary sense, but a gain in accomplishment and resurrection of a once doomed friend.
  9. After purchasing my 55 special, I did some research to try and find info on the original owner. The title was from Nebraska,which listed current, and original owner. I finally found the original owner....well... info on him anyhow. He owned a large farm implement salvage and dealership business in which he ran clear into his 80s. I was clumsily flipping through old grainy photos of his property at an online estate sale archive..as he passed away years ago. All at once my wife yells.. THERE IT IS!!!! i looked at the top of the page... and low and behold, there sat the old Buick.... from days gone by. In the attached picture, my Buick "Audrey", is in the top left corner wayyyy in the background. Youll see a green and white smudge....lol thats her. The original owner is in the foreground on a tractor. Many years later and many many miles away, sits the old girl in my garage in kansas now. Kinda neat to dig up old tidbits of an old cars past. Diggin up bones they say...lol
  10. I would think that the rattling concern is legitimate. Mainly due to wind buffeting. Making the rear of the hood flutter, say for instance on a 2 lane road, a large semi truck swooshes by you and sends a large air gust into you. Then your hood goes.. flutter flutter flutter, at the rear section. This spring would stabilize the hood and remedy the rattle so to speak. Id leave it on.
  11. Any help would be appreciated. I hope someone might have some pointers. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have begun work on my 50 rocket 88 and wonder if a few parts might interchange. Like door cards, headliner, seat upholstery, carpeting, and complete rear door. It is a 4 door non convertible. Thanks in advance for your time.
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