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  1. Thank you ! They are near here too. I knew they did chrome but I didn't know they did plastic. Thank you again
  2. I hope someone o here can help me wit this. I have seen in the past that there are places that will re-chrome your old dash knobs, radio knobs, door lock knobs, etc. A lot of hose items are being replicated to day that is true enough but there are still a lot of makes that are not being reproduced.I have searched in vain and am wondering if anyone on here has ever had it done and/or can tell me a good place to call, or maybe a website? BTW, I don't need this for any of my vehicles. 1:1 scale cars, I restore old R/C cars as a hobby and then go out and have fun with them. I have two radio controlled trucks right now that need a few parts re-chromed and I know that these pieces are not being reproduced. Thank you all in advance
  3. Yes you are right. If memory serves my 50 De Soto had the bolts too. Someone modified these though as it clearly had studs sticking out threw those stupid mag wheels and some of the lugs were missing. I'm thinking there was something more wrong with the brakes then just a master cyl
  4. Keiser, yes I have moved on. I was looking for something, not mint, but at least roadworthy. This car needs a master cylinder but...........who knows whats wrong with the motor , and it was on fire while I was there. Plus, no floor ! If I had the time and the place maybe I would consider a body off resto but this was not what I expected.
  5. They started out at $2000. Over the phone discussing the car they lowered it to $1800. When I couldn't make it out Friday as planned due to snow, they lowered it to $1400. I still told him, no way am I traveling on these roads to look at it. I'll be there Monday (today). Over the weekend multiple texts and calls about me coming, then Sunday he texts me, I better grab it on Monday becuae there is a guy interested in it coming on Tuesday and he doesn't know if he can hold it for me. I realize the car is 63 years old, I'm not looking for perfection, but the floor was gone a long time ago and the wood is secured to the sills with sheet metal screws! Plus the fire today and the way they cared for the car in general. Tossing the air cleaner into the parking lot? I was just looking for a driver, nothing perfect but a decent starting point. But this thing needs a body off frame resto and I don't even know if the motor is good. He also told me, we couldn't move it due to no brakes but in an empty parking lot with nothing around we can't move it to see if the tranny is any good/clutch slipping?
  6. They were reluctant to push it into the garage for me to have a look underneath. What I could see of the frame looked good but they had plowed the parking lots snow all around the car so it was difficult to see under.
  7. UM, thank you, but no those pictures are very good at hiding major problems !! Went to see it in person today. It does look like the pictures I posted. HOWEVER. Did you know that 1951 Plymouth's were built with floors made from Fiber board? ( This after I asked the guy who is selling it for his buddy, How is the floor and frame--------- response?------- Oh it's solid! )The wiring was a rats nest and that is being nice. This car had 6, yes 6 horns installed including the origianls. Also the engine that ran quiet and smooth....... was so quiet that it never ran! It tried. The current owner told me just a shot of starting fluid and it will turn right over. I asked him why does it need that and his response was, "It's been sitting awhile" After an hour and a half of spraying starting fluid you could hear the motor turning slower and slower. Then they got one of the previous owners over to try it. He tried using another car to jump it - nothing doing . Then they called a guy named Tony because he has the magic touch with the car. I asked him if Tony came with the car since I obviously will never be able to start it without him. By now I'm ticked off, this is supposed to be a running driving car not this mess that I saw. Tony actually got it to Backfire - twice, then he put a jump pack on it with the car they were jumping it from because "they needed it to turn faster" With the owner smoking a cigarette and spraying that fluid they were able to set the top of the engine on fire. They put the fire out by throwing snow all over it and some of it went down the carb. They threw the burning air cleaner out into the parking lot. You can smell varnish really bad so I'm guessing the car needs a fuel pump and the gas tank cleaned and sealed along with new lines and or clean the old lines out. Also the carb was leaking like crazy.The owner ( keep in mind I have at this point spoken to 3 people who have owned this car and have passed it from one guy to the next and they are all telling me how much fun this car is.) asks me if we should go in and do the paper work on this car right now before the notory leaves!! I told him I wasn't interested. When you drive almost 4 hours to pick up a car and then you get there and find out it has been so badly represented, you begin to wonder what else the car needs and what they are not telling you. I mean, SOLID floor?? Yeah solid wood ! Sorry for the rant, the search goes on. Thank you guys for all of your help. I'm really disappointed.
  8. So can I get away with putting the tubless tires on the stock rims then? It's not like I'll be breaking speed records with the thing ?
  9. Really? Did the change occur between the '50 - '51 model year? My De Soto was a '50 that was why I asked
  10. Harold, I thought if you used tubeless tires on rims that were made for tubes that you run the risk of the tires spinning on the rims? I've never done this before but thought I read of it, maybe on here. When I put new rubber on my De Soto I replaced the tubes and it was kinda a pain. I knew about the reverse lug nuts, thank you. Kinda funny, my friend helped me with my De Soto and he didn't know. I let him struggle with it for a bit then I went over and turned them right off! He yells out, "How'd you do that"?! I laughed and told him it helps if you turn 'em in the right direction!! Bought him some beer and dinner when we were done though!
  11. Thanks again Keiser ! Your keeping me on the right path
  12. Thank you very much Harold ! I haven't slept the last several nights because I am so keyed up about going out to finalize everything. ( Tomorrow morning ! ) Should have it home this week then I can post up picks too. The link you provided me for that website is awesome, I just joined there. Same user name there as here so look me up over there. I'll leave the '50 bumpers on there until I can find the correct '51's. Any chance I could impose on you to post some pics of those bumpers on your 51 for me? Harold & whtbaron, I believe, if memory serves, that my '50 De Soto 4 door sedan had the same signal light lever on it's column as well? It's been well over 20 years since I let me ex-wife talk me into selling it. Should have kept the car I miss it. Another member on here says that he might have bumpers and wheels/hubcaps for me as well so as soon as the weather breaks I may have those parts as well. Have any of you ever changed your rims over to non-tubeless so you can run regular tires on your vehicles? I was thinking I might like to do that, just wondering on some of your guys opinions about that. Picked up a vintage fog light set for it today from Andy Bernbaums auto parts
  13. The guy I'm purchasing it from said the title states it is a CRB ??
  14. I'll try to get it for you but I probably will not have it until Monday when we do the transfer
  15. Is that one of the numbers on the body tag? Or are you referring to the Vin#?