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  1. Looking for strong number 2+ car with matching numbers. Rust free a must fremont built cars must, along with working AC and console shifter and bucket seats. Garrett 408 489
  2. I'm not able to fly out for a couple of weeks and look at a 70 GS convertable ,was wondering if anyone lives in the area. I have confirmed engine is correct, owner seems pretty straight up. Just need someone to verify condition and drive the car, take some pictures. Will reinburse for your time. If anyone is in the area and has the time call me or drop me a note.Garrettgarrettg@aol.com408 489 7928
  3. WTB 67-70 Riveria GS in strong number 2+ condition with pedigree and documentation. 1970 GS is my first choice. My consider non GS as well. Original , restored or semi restored all fine. Significant rust or rust repair is out. Prefer high option cars , must have working AC. Prefer oem metallic colors , no tan, baby blue, brown etc. I'm on west coast so prefer western region cars first. Restored cars will require photo and expense documentation, low mileage cars should include paper work or history to confirm mileage represented, no stories or conjecture. Have funds in hand will travel or have inspected, rack inspection required. Garrett 408 489 7928