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  1. I need a 1952 Ford OHV 215 6 cylinder engine. An industrial motor with tag would be great but does not have to be. As close to Missouri as possible. Please email gasserwar@yahoo.com
  2. Thanks for the replies, I agree
  3. Repainting this car is not an option. But I am considering buffing it out, part of me likes the dull faded look. What do you think?
  4. Well we finally made it to our first cruise with the 35'. Could not stay long, my wife started her Chemo treatments last week and was not feeling very well. The old car drew a fair amount of attention mostly people wanted to know how long it has been out of its long storage. We had to park next to a couple same vintage cars.
  5. Me to, I like to dream but reality soon sets in.
  6. there is a little ( report item ) button you can use in the listing. If he is misrepresenting this item, perhaps it should be reported
  7. Yes, You could hide a few gallons of the good stuff in a trunk that big. I always thought the proportions were off a little on these coupes. But I have wanted one for a long time.
  8. Thanks, We will take lots of pics. I hope 37' parts are a little easier to find than the 35' stuff. I found a place on the web that sells sheet metal repair parts for this car. So that is a step in the right direction.
  9. We are getting a 1937 Dodge coupe. It is all there but needs resto. Should be here Monday. Like the 35' will keep it as original as possible. The owners said it is a doctors coupe with the spare behind the front seat. Is there a doctors coupe for real? Will post pics asap
  10. possible, he said it was a dealer type modification. Shame it is so rough.
  11. if 35' and 36' are the same I can post pics of an unmolested 35' ( I added pics )