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  1. I got this! Found a set of brand new Kumho 235/75/15s on smoothie rims for $450 on Craigslist. Baby's lookin' so fine! Hope you're all enjoying your summer
  2. Wow what an awful ride though! These won't be staying on long. I guess I never noticed how bad it was on the Comet because of the leaf springs. Kind of ruins the whole luxurious feel of the Wildcat. Live and learn. And yeah John, I'm just a parking lot mechanic, a lift or pit would have helped a lot.
  3. So when I bought my old Wildcat there was a set of purple air shocks in the trunk. Fella I got it off didn't even know if they fit the car. But she needed rear shocks and I'm putting my cash into the exhaust and brakes right now so I figured it was worth trying. Long story short I spent several hours getting grit in my eyeballs and I'm sure glad I had a good selection of box end 1/2" wrenches 'cause that top rear bolt has got to be one of the hardest to reach little buggers I've had the displeasure of meeting. But baby rides on air now. I know it's not the best ride, I had 'em when I was youn
  4. Thank you Wildcat65. That's the size I'm looking at in a Mickey Thompson S/T. Seems like the rear would fit, barely. I have a new 235/75 Hankook 727 on one side of the front now and even that rubs a bit when I turn sharp so I'm worried about the extra width up there as well. Maybe that loss of one inch in height would help? Would love to hear from anyone who has tried this. These would sure look sharp on the old cat; http://www.summitracing.com/parts/mtt-6030/overview/
  5. Hey folks, Just getting started on my Wildcat project and first up is some new rubber. The car is a 68 Wildcat Custom, 2 dr, in mostly original condition. I plan to keep the original wheels/hubcaps but would like a little more width and tread on the pavement than the 235/75/15s that are on it. I haven't owned a muscle car since the late 70s and modern tire sizes confuse the hell out of me. That combined with the tight wheel space in the rear has me going in circles trying to figure out who sells what and what fits where. Anybody here got suggestions? Much appreciated in advance. David
  6. That Flamingo interior got me drooling ... Saw these when searching for Wildcat pics today, hope they're not repeats.
  7. Hey John, Just came across this post and wonder if you have any more knowledge regarding 430 timing chain issues. I just bought a '68 wildcat and the owner told me the timing chain and gear had been replaced. I'm still working through a tune-up so no idea if this is my issue but she does run very rough, especially at low rpm. Any insight into what symptoms one of these ill-fitting chains would cause? And I'm new to these motors so any knowledge at all that you want to pass on would be most appreciated. Thank you, David
  8. Thank you BR! Nice to know there's a club in the area
  9. Thanks Bleach, I had a feeling someone here would identify the maker quickly
  10. Man, I'm loving this thread and I'm only a few pages in! Anyways, I was reminded of this old pic of my mom and dad, no idea what the car is but I recall them talking about having a Buick when they were young.
  11. Hey folks, Just bought my first Buick. A '68 Wildcat with tons of potential and lots of work to be done. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as I start fixing her up, and this looks like the best place to find answers. Here's a glimpse of the old black cat. More pics after the snow here clears. [ATTACH=CONFIG]233687[/ATTACH] David, Buffalo NY
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