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  1. The Buick is pushed back up against the wall, so it's kind of hard to get a picture. The missing sheet metal is part of the fender. ("repaired, all metal, no filler, in primer.") The fender covers the place where there is no sheet metal. The last picture shows it in best detail.
  2. Yes, it would be possible to see it. The owner is willing to part with it for $4000.
  3. So tucked in a back corner of the shop is a 1928 Buick, serial number 1927382. I'm wondering if there is a way to save it. It is a complete car. The owner did or had a lot of the mechanical work done and was driving it until he took it apart to replace some of the wood. He had 3 of the fenders repaired, all metal, no filler, in primer. So there sits this huge old Buick. I understand even restored it's not worth a lot. Is it worth anything to anybody? Does anyone have any suggestions what to do with this. It would be wonderful if someone completed the restoration, but is it worth it? Car is located near Sacramento, CA and has a California title.
  4. Let us know if you are interested, (916) 806-8068, vehiclesales@calautomuseum.org<textarea id="adlesse_unifier_magic_element_id" style="display: none;"></textarea>
  5. [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD] Offered for Sale by the California Automobile Museum$25,000This very nice 1930 Ford Model A Roadster is a great solid vehicle. It looks to have been well maintained and is a fantastic driver.This Roadster presents nicely in its Gray paint. The pin striping is in great shape and adds a nice touch to the Ford. The passenger door does have a small spot near the handle that has some damage that was repaired as well as on the door frame (pictured). The rest of the vehicle seems to be very solid and rust free. The black paint on the fenders does have a nice shine to it but does have some various light scratches by the hood. The chrome bumpers are in great shape and have a nice shine to them. The grill shell is in good shape as well as the rock guard. The stainless cowl trim and lights are in nice condition. The front light bar is a nice subtle addition to the front of the Roadster. The glass and the glass frame are in good shape and all parts for the windshield appear to be present. The top is in great shape and does not have any rips or tears in the material. The top folds down nicely for that classic roadster look. The boot for the top is in decent shape but needs to be cleaned up a bit. The addition of the trunk rack is nice. 16 inch wire wheels have been added to this vehicle with 6.00-16 Firestone wide whitewalls. The tires have 8/32nds of tread on them and do not have any cracking in them. The doors do not have excessive play in them and they close as they should. The Brown leather seat is in great shape and does not have any rips or tears. The door panels and kick panels are also in great condition and the kick panels have a handy storage pocket. The rumble seat is brown vinyl and is in great shape as well. The carpet in the Ford is in nice condition and does not have any excess wear. The steering wheel is in great shape as is the dash and gauge cluster. This Ford Roadster runs and drives great. The four cylinder engine fires right up and idles nicely. The engine revs up nice and smooth. When the engine was rebuilt the odometer was also put back to 0 so it has less than 2000 miles on rebuild. The electrical system has been converted to 12 volt and helps to get this Model A started quickly. The 3 speed transmission shifts as it should and does not have any slop between the gears and the clutch has a good feel to it. The brakes look to be adjusted correctly and they stop the vehicle as they should. The lights on this Ford work as they should as does the horn. [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] <textarea id="adlesse_unifier_magic_element_id" style="display: none;"></textarea>
  6. [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD] Offered for Sale by the California Automobile Museum $8500 This well cared for convertible Chrysler TC by Maserati is in fantastic condition. It has a rebuilt 2.2 liter 16 valve dual overhead cam intercooled and turbocharged engine.ExteriorThis TC presents extremely well. The paint is in great condition and has a very nice shine to it. The body panels are all straight and solid. As you can see by the pictures the soft convertible top is in great shape as well. The glass throughout the vehicle is in good shape and does not have any cracks. The lenses on the TC are complete and do not have any discoloration. The wheels on the vehicle are in great shape and the tires appear almost new with very little wear on them. The Michelin tires have 10/32nds of tread on them and they were made in October of 2009. The interior is in great shape. The tan leather seats are in nice shape and show very little wear. The side bolster on the drivers seat shows most of the wear and it is still in good condition. The carpet is clean and in great condition. The dash board has had a cover on it to protect it and it is in very nice condition and does not have any cracks. The door panels are in great shape. The headliner on the hardtop is clean and in very nice condition. The wood grain trim is complete. This Chrysler TC is in great shape mechanically. The TC runs and drives great. The engine fires up as it should and idles nicely. This vehicle does have a current California Smog Certificate as well. The engine was rebuilt about 12,000 miles ago. The engine was rebuilt with a Chrysler crankshaft and connecting rods with Maserati-Chrysler 2.2 liter pistons. This was done so that it would use available parts. The valve cover is also signed by John Force. The five speed manual transmission is easily shifted through all of its gears and the clutch has a good feel to it. All of the instruments in the dash work as they should. All of the lights and signals also work correctly. This vehicle seems to have been very well maintained throughout its life and it shows. This Chrysler TC is one of 500 produced with the 2.2 liter DOHC Turbocharged Intercooled engine and is one of only 250 still in service today. This particular example has won several awards including Most Original at the TC America nationals in 2010 and also at the National 2013 meet in Reno, NV. This is one of the most fantastic examples of the Chrysler TC by Maserati that you may find out there. For more info see http://www.camcarsales.com/1989_Maserati_TC_Sacramento_CA_224764645.veh [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] <textarea id="adlesse_unifier_magic_element_id" style="display: none;"></textarea>
  7. This beautiful, rust free old Buick is currently at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, CA, and is offered for sale for $19.900. You can see pictures on the museum website or call John at 916 806-8068 http://www.camcarsales.com/1939_Buick_Special%20Series%2040_Sacramento_CA_220793107.veh [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: td1]The 1939 Buick presents very well. The Acadia Dark Grey paint looks great and has a nice shine to it. It has a touch of brown and metallic in the paint and looks great out in the sunlight. There are 2 blemishes on the finish, one is small scratch on the top of the front passenger door and the second is some checking in the paint just below the fuel filler door (pictured). The body appears to be very solid and there does not seem to be any bondo or filler. The panels are all very straight and rust free. The doors close solidly and there isn't any play in the hinges. The trim throughout the vehicle is in nice shape and does not have any dents. The chrome bumpers are in excellent shape and have a nice shine to them. The door handles, trunk lid hinges and front hood ornament are in good shape but do show some very slight signs of age but are only visible upon close inspection. The running boards are straight and solid. The window glass throughout the vehicle is clear and free of chips and cracks. The left rear brake light lens does have a crack across it but the rest of the lenses are in good shape including those on the Unity fog lamps. The Coker Classic whitewall tires measure 6.00R16 and are virtually brand new with the mold nipples still on them. The tires were produced the 40th week of 2009. The steel rims are painted to match the vehicle and also have chrome beauty rings. The key hole cover on the passenger side is missing. [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: td1]The interior is in near perfect condition. From my research the interior looks to be accurate and is the Tan Novelty Bedford Cord. The seats are very clean and comfortable and do not have any rips or tears. The door panels are in excellent shape and have a nice fit. The headliner looks great and does not have any sag in it. The carpets are clean and fit nicely. The only part of the interior that will need restoration is going to be the steering wheel. It does have some cracks and splits in the plastic but horn rind is complete. [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: td1]The Buicks straight 8 fires up easily and runs well. The engine seems to run strong and the transmission shifts through the gears as it should. This vehicle has not been driven much in the past year and does smoke ever so slightly at startup but seems to clear up after a couple of minutes. The vehicle did stumble a bit under heavy acceleration so the carburetor may need a bit of an adjustment or cleaning and may be the cause of the smoke. The vehicle drives down the road nicely and is smooth and comfortably. The brakes seem to work as they should. The high and low beam lights work as they should as do the brake and tail lights. This vehicle is equipped with factory turn signals also that do work correctly. The front fender mounted marker lights do not seem to be operational and the fog lights do not want to come on either, although the switch for the fog lights seems to be getting power as the switch does illuminate when turned on. All of the gauges in the instrument cluster appear to be working correctly. All of the windows in the vehicle operate smoothly as do the vent wing windows and the rear slider windows. [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE]
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