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  1. Thanks guys @Garnet & Gold: things have indeed changed, no more in car radio thefts (touch wood).
  2. Hi everyone, I might have found a decent TC to purchase (finally) but now I am wondering about parking arrangements. I live in a city with limited parking possibilities and was thinking about the feasibility of street parking the TC. Given it rains a fair bit and we get the odd snowfall, I was wondering if I am heading into a whole load of trouble with rust forming on the car.</SPAN></SPAN> Clearly it would not be ideal to park the car outside but was wondering if it’s a risk I can take or definitely a no go.</SPAN></SPAN> As always, any input is much appreciated! Thanks guys!</SPAN></SPAN>
  3. Congratulations on your TC, looks great!
  4. Hi Hemi, thanks for the help on the info you provided on your old car. Real shame we couldn't agree on pricing
  5. Yes apologies, I meant manual transmission
  6. Hi everyone</SPAN></SPAN> Just wanted to say hello to you all, a friendly and welcoming online community! I’m yet to find a TC to buy, unfortunately couldn’t agree on the price of a lovely car that was on sale in California.</SPAN></SPAN> Found out there is a chap here in Italy with a TC and will enquire what model he has and if he may be interested in selling it. In the meantime, I keep scouring eBay for a manual TC in good conditions.</SPAN></SPAN> Ciao,</SPAN></SPAN> Maurizio</SPAN></SPAN>
  7. Just an unrelated question: is the boot spoiler OEM or aftermarket? Would be interested in more details thanks
  8. hi Nomad, thanks but I am looking for a manual 16v car
  9. Just to let you know that I haven’t given up the search Thanks again for all your input and support!</SPAN></SPAN>
  10. Congrats on the purchase and best of luck with the work on it that you will be doing!
  11. Oh my bad! I got confused between the two cars. I see the yellow one is still on sale at the dealer, will contact them right away! Again, a big thank you to Hemi Dude
  12. Actually thanks to Hemi Dude I realised the car I was bidding on (item: 231151246611) had an engine transplant (not a rebuild as advertised in the ebay ad) and a transmission swap. Unfortunately, as the car looks very solid, I do need a 100% original car in order to register it here in Italy as a historic vehicle, which grants me substantial road tax/registration/insurance savings.</SPAN></SPAN> Will keep you posted!</SPAN></SPAN>
  13. Yes, it didn't sell. I hope it gets relisted
  14. Found it via Twitter. Interesting read </SPAN></SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
  15. Thanks again guys! My avatar on all car fora is Konishiki, a former sumo wrestler because I used to live in Japan and I used to be rather heavier than I am today (nowhere near his size though!). I am a newbie to eBay too (all my previous car purchases have been from local dealers, let alone from auctions held in other continents) and have started to notice a few odd things on car auctions. All in all, I am not looking to get a once in a lifetime deal or a hidden gem, just a fair deal. Let's hope for the best and thanks again
  16. Thanks Bill! On another note, I have had a thrawl through the forum and it seems these cars don't seem to have fundamental mechanical issues, beside the usual things to be expected from 20+ year old cars. Is there anything in particular you guys think I need to get looked at? Grazie
  17. Wow, this car looks in great shape! Will touch base with the seller and see what he's got to say about making a deal
  18. Thanks again everyone, really really appreciate all your comments
  19. And by the way, yes there are a few TCs in Europe, but all of the ones I've come across are autos. Nothing wrong with that per se, but figured if I get one, I should try to shoot for one of the manual cars which tend to be a bit more rare and with a few extra ponies.