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  1. I will try and see if I can get it running tomorrow, since today we're getting inundated with snow. Yesterday I barely had the time to go out and try to jump it, but tapping the starter was my next course of action. I'll let you know what happens. Last car I brought back from Minnesota was a 1974 Saab Sonett, a few years back it ran about $600. That was another great, not as described. Although for that one I flew out to look at it and was able to renegotiate due to rust again unfortunately.
  2. I just joined, but have had several TCs over the years, one 5 speed and a handful of automatics. I bought this one sight unseen and unfortunately the seller was a little less then honest about it when he told me what to expect. O well, live and learn right? Anyways, the 64k miles are supposedly original. The car was supposed to start with a jump and shift fine, the brakes were described as problematic, needing a master. I assume the brakes are no good, but that would require it starting. I was disgusted when I bought it weeks ago, but finally tried to jump it today, sounds like the starter is
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