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  1. Hello.. I hope it is okay to ask a sunroof question here. Let me know if I should start a new thread. First of all, the information in this forum was very helpful, and I appreciate all who put valuable information here. Following the headlamp job, I went after the sun-roof, which never worked. It is down, the top panel is off, and now I can access the rail mechanism on both sides. The driver side cable got freed after a few impacts on it. Some WD40 and other lube made it move with less friction. The passanger side is not moving at all, and I am thinking I should disassemble the rail. There are a few screws where the cable tubing ends, and a few more on the rail, and the rail end. Could anyone let me know what I need to do step by step to take this rail off? Thanks~
  2. Hello, I have a question on the headlights. When the light switch is on, the headlights pops up very fast, and then it still makes some kind of motor sound for 1 to 2 seconds. This motor sound happens right after the lights retract. Is this normal? FYI, when I first saw this car it has been sitting for more than 3 years with no battery in it. I opened the hood and saw the big knobs for the headlights. I rotated them thinking I could see the headlights come up, but nothing happened then. I hope I did not mess some kind of adjustment by rotating the knobs. Suwon
  3. Sounds like a good plan. I am going to start with lubing the latch from outside. The actuator makes sound and tries to lock/unlock the door, so like you said it just needs to be lubricated. Thanks for your advise..
  4. Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand better why my car acted such way. So, to lubricate the door mechanism without taking it apart, from which end should I try? Which parts are prune to the sticking issue? I saw the door lock actuator on parts store. Could it be the actuator? Or the latch? Thanks bunch!
  5. It is 1990 hard top. Thanks,
  6. I just became an owner of this Reatta. One of my good old friends handed it over to me. No remote and only two keys were given. I just do not understand how the door lock was supposed to work. Trying to lock it, I turn the door key counterclockwise and nothing happens. Turn it and hold for 2 seconds, I hear some kind of electric actuator, but still it does not lock. Turn it clockwise, nothing happens, and doors do not lock. I try the lock/unlock buttons (small ones on right) on the door panel, and it does not help. I force the bigger sliding switch (big one on left) to lock position all the way, then the door locks. Pretty much this was only way I could lock the doors. I struggled some time doing all this, and the car alarm would go off, and I do not know exactly what of my action caused it. The bigger switch was kind of hard to push up and down, and I am afraid of breaking it from misuse. I went over the owner's manual but it did not help much. So, can someone help me on this? Thanks,
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