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  1. Thanks for the input and the numbers !
  2. I have a set of 39 Olds headlights from a previous project, but the lens says TILT BEAM instead of MULTI BEAM, they have the three pin bulbs with fair silvering on the reflectors and the small parking bulb up top and the lenses are in very good condition, both lights are in working order and I have extra bulbs. Are these acceptable to use in my Buick? What is the difference between MULTI and TILT BEAM lenses? I also have a lens that measures 8 and 5/8ths inch. I don't know what it fits it also says TILT BEAM Thanks for any useful feedback
  3. Hey R.O.T. my question was not if they have ( Ever ) been replaced , the question was if they had been updated or if a later 39 might have been equipped with them, but thanks for the input anyway. And thanks to the guys that actually gave me useful info.
  4. I purchased a 39 Buick in Dec. 2013, didn't pay close attention to the headlights, it has 6006 sealed beams in it that were not available til the 40's they are T-3 was there a later model 39 that could have been equipped with these or do you think they have been updated ?
  5. Restoration is such a long process and expensive, so I think I will first get it into driveable condition and enjoy the nostalgia for a while. The pics that all of you have sent in of your cars are unbelievable of the process they have gone through to be as beautiful as they are !!!
  6. file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mikfile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mike/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/ 2013%2012-11%20Buick%208%20E.jpge/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/2013%2012-11%20Buick%201%20E.jpg On our way home, very cold day to be doing this, but that's why and when we do these things, when the opportuniy strikes
  7. Give this a try maybe I got it this time in the next thread
  8. Finally , after a few tries at different options , I am not pc savy but I took the challenge and gave it a shot, good to see that You could receive it. Mike B. (belkus8)
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]233586[/ATTACH]Hope this works, this is the day I brought it home from Ill.
  10. I deleted the post because I thought I found what I was looking for and wanted to move on to other requests for help or advice from the Buick community and didn't see a need to keep it posted, thought it might be a waste of others time to read it. Not trying to offend anyone, just thought it was taking up space that others could use. belkus8
  11. Just wanted to say, Thanks to all the Buick guys that are helping me out , when I deleted my post I unknowingly deleted everything that went with it so I lost some contacts and info that I wanted to keep, but I am sure I will know where to find the help. And Marty I wrote down Seybolds info. Thanks Again ,belkus8
  12. Thanks Marty but I already purchased the one on e-bay. If I can't make that one work I will get ahold of Doug and keep him in mind for the future . belkus8
  13. Going to take Grant and Allans advice and e-bay the filter ,mine has a bracket already spot welded on it from the factory to fit the 38 and 39 Buicks so maybe I can weld my bracket to the other canister. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Might have been an add-on for 39 Buick 40 series , has decal noting type on top half of canister,( model L-1 ,using type L-11 filter) not noted on canister but will also take AC # 112 filter,that is the number that I am using now. Thanks
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