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  1. The ones on our car are chrome plated aluminum. This implies they were not original, but aftermarket from the 30s? Also, when I google Al Smith, I get a Chrysler dealer. From the comment above, this is not the right source? i did get an email from ramreproductions.com that hey have some. They were not listed in their catalog so have asked for pictures, since it appears this is not an exact science. When I hear from them, I'll post more. Thanks for all your comments. I've learned a lot.
  2. I didn't realize caps for wood spoke wheels would be different from wire spoke wheels. Huh. I actually have both wooden and wire. The wooden ones are currently mounted, and are the hub caps I'm looking for. This hub cap is the type I have. They appear to be solid aluminum, not the "skin" type. Erick, where did you find these? Mic
  3. My wife has a 33 Plymouth PD rumble seat. It has 2 spare tires mounted 1 on each front fender, for a total of 6 hub caps. The hub caps are in need if restoration, so I took them to a re-chromer. Turns out they are aluminum, and nearly impossible to restore without loosing a lot of detail. I have searched for reproduction caps, but have come up empty. Is there anyone you know who makes these. Thanks
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