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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has responded to this thread with all of this great information that helped with the article--I sincerely appreciate it!
  2. Thank you both for the input--this helps clear up a lot of questions! What about head rests? Would installing them or modifying them in a car that would be more suitable to a particular driver (maybe the driver is really tall, for example) be cause for point deductions? It seems like a necessary modification if you wanted to be as safe as possible on the road but when it comes to judging in a competition, it could be an obvious and drastic cosmetic alteration to a vehicle that may not have even previously offered them as an option.
  3. I am writing an article about classic car safety and wanted to touch on the point of how car show judges handle safety features that have been added to classic cars. Am I correct in saying that AACA will not deduct points if a safety feature has been added to comply with traffic laws? I appreciate any help on this!
  4. WANTED: PICTURES OF YOUR CLASSIC CAR ON OUR WEBSITE!! Hello, my name is Ross Uitts and as a fellow member of AACA, I would like to invite you to post pictures of your classic car(s) on my new website and tell the world a little bit about your prized possession(s) for FREE. So far, we have a 1948 Tucker, 1937 Cord and 1966 Corvette on display--please help us add more! Sign up today: http://www.collectorsector.com/create-account Sincerely, Ross Uitts President Collector Sector
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