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    I am a car enthusiast and hopefully a future collector once I save up enough money! I started my own website ( for collectors and enthusiasts of classic cars, antiques, and vintage items of all kinds so that I could network with other collectors and continue learning about my passions. I also allow people to buy and sell on the website to add to or reduce their collections. Posting an item is free so please, if you want, share pictures of your classic cars on my site!
  1. We want to see YOUR classic, vintage, and antique car(s) on display on our website. We are a young husband and wife team that are HUGE car enthusiasts and we're trying to spread our passion for classic cars to the world. Please take a moment to check out our website and if you're passionate about classic cars, too, we would LOVE to see your car(s) posted for display and discussion on our website ( We charge no fees to list or display your cars! Here are some that are on display now: 1948 Tucker Sedan 1937 Cord 1966 Chevrolet Convertible 1968 Ford Mustang Convertible
  2. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has responded to this thread with all of this great information that helped with the article--I sincerely appreciate it!
  3. Thank you both for the input--this helps clear up a lot of questions! What about head rests? Would installing them or modifying them in a car that would be more suitable to a particular driver (maybe the driver is really tall, for example) be cause for point deductions? It seems like a necessary modification if you wanted to be as safe as possible on the road but when it comes to judging in a competition, it could be an obvious and drastic cosmetic alteration to a vehicle that may not have even previously offered them as an option.
  4. I am writing an article about classic car safety and wanted to touch on the point of how car show judges handle safety features that have been added to classic cars. Am I correct in saying that AACA will not deduct points if a safety feature has been added to comply with traffic laws? I appreciate any help on this!
  5. WANTED: PICTURES OF YOUR CLASSIC CAR ON OUR WEBSITE!! Hello, my name is Ross Uitts and as a fellow member of AACA, I would like to invite you to post pictures of your classic car(s) on my new website and tell the world a little bit about your prized possession(s) for FREE. So far, we have a 1948 Tucker, 1937 Cord and 1966 Corvette on display--please help us add more! Sign up today: Sincerely, Ross Uitts President Collector Sector