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  1. In the case on this car it was the decomposition of filter media lodged between the rubber seal and the "see-saw" seat, hence disassembly and 15lbs of compressed air solved the problem. Simple things in life are best, seeing the green CRUISE light come on is one of them. Thanks guys Goldie can once again claim her "loaded and everything works" status.
  2. Sounds like a good starting point. Process of elimination. Just cleaned carbon out of the chock housing and got her fast idle start satisfactory. Cloud very well be clogged there too. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. Visual inspection checks out and yes the hoses are stiff, I am afraid to remove them. As I recall replacing the hoses on another 65 EC those hoses are one a kind and either too thick requiring the firewall grommets to fail or too small diameter replacement hoses creating gaps and playing with a grommet assortment, hose collection and not being as clean and tidy as stock.
  4. Hello and Merry Christmas season to all. Electro Cruise on my 65 up and quit working. What is the #1 cause of failure? Mike
  5. Hello Guys, Electro Criuse on my 65 was always a little slow to engage, now it doesn't work nor does the accelerate function. Where do I start, what is the most common problem? Please give a starting point to get going. Clams
  6. Going to try and sneak it out without losing the A/C charge. Main thing for me is those exhaust manifolds intact. Thank you guys!
  7. Hey guys, been a while. I have a new project going to pull a LX w/AC. Do I have to disconnect the AC compressor? Can I pull the motor with the exhaust manifolds attached? Mike
  8. I'll look into the smaller diameter tail pipe. Where is Tom?
  9. I am going for bone stock in appearance and sound on this application, nothing is over sized. I didn't purchase the system with intentions for sound or flow just as a correct system (see through resonators are not OEM in design). The Ghost car is going for a sound like dual exhaust through a stock muffler without the muffled sound of going through the transverse, nothing obnoxious just good old 60's dual exhaust sound produced by a big block nailhead AKA music to my ears.
  10. I like the idea but I like everything in one place. Keep it as is.
  11. I didn't hear the "suck back" until I listened with head phones. To each is own regarding exhaust sound but IMO you are not going to want to rev your car in fear of embarrassment. If you want her sounding correct you're going to need baffled resonators. If you want a quality sound and that nailhead "spit" like my 401 Skylark GS then go true duals. Just my NSHO.
  12. I sent Barney a box of parts including one very good but non-working 1st Gen antenna and a repro "plastic" and he sent me back one excellent and one very good antenna. Mind you I only expected one working antenna from the mess I sent him. Barney called and asked if I wanted two working antennas and for another 90.00 I have a back up on my shelf ;-). I highly recommend his service.
  13. I don't always eat off transmissions but when I do.................. Beautiful!
  14. Mitch lives nearby he's got a OEM system to dissect a resonator and I'll send it to Waldron's to make the correct internal resonator. The Ghost has 50" packs, the Skylark GS also has headers & true duals, bike has Rineharts. I want one quiet car to match the expense/investment in making it look and sound 1965 correct.
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