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  1. Thanks, I'll get with Kurt. One of the filaments on my bulb was out. The wiring is in bad shape as well. Needs addressed for sure.
  2. I guess I need to pull mine apart to see what all is going on in there.
  3. I was hoping for a new replacement with the inner pieces as well.
  4. Looking for a source for these sockets. They are two wire. Has the side cutouts where an arm comes off the taillight and holds it.
  5. Thank you, that was my thought too.
  6. Thank you. They did keep it off the ground. The drums themselves were full of dirt and sand and what used to be brake shoe linings. But the rest of it was saved. Will have to buy a few pieces but she should come back to life.
  7. Thank you. Both were trashed and had to persuade them off the axle.
  8. Going to need new drums. What year were these off of? Thanks
  9. Yup, I'm thinking, 1957 Oldsmobile. Thanks!
  10. What vehicle is this from?
  11. Did Pontiac use an artillery wheel in the 30`s? I know Chevrolet did but wasn't sure about the Pontiacs.
  12. Not saying that this is the best way and probably not in the top 100 so use it as a cautious suggestion as the carb is sensitive. But..... one time I needed to get fuel to the pump so I took a plastic spray paint lid and drilled a hole so that my rubber tipped air nozzle would poke through it. I placed the cap over the fuel filler neck and held it down and gave the tank a shot of air from my compressor. Just a quick pull of the trigger was enough pressure to get the gas moving. Just remember these carbs only like 1 or 2 psi.