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  1. I was able to find this info also. My deal here is that on my 3 window, the back glass rolls up and down. Also, it appears that there once was a latch at the top indicating rumble seat. It also has no evidence of hinges at the top for the trunk lid. Is it possible that they actually produced a 3 window with a rumble seat?
  2. Wow! Great! Now I realize that I may have an actual rumble seat car as the rear window does crank up and down. Bad part is now I have to spend a bunch of cash to get the seat parts and the correct hinges and latch.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The more I look at this car the more I am glad i decided to leave it original. I can't wait till spring to get out and drive it to one of the local shows. I got my replacement intake/exhaust manifold in today for California. Got to get the gaskets and get it on the car to get the exhaust straight. I'm sure this car is going to be a hit as it is. You don't see too many of these come out of extended periods of time in storage looking as good as this one. I'm going to drive it as is until I find more parts I Need then maybe next winter I will start going more into it. I s
  4. Looking for the following for my 1931 Chevy 3 window coupe. Will also like to know if anyone can tell me where to find these items if you don't have them. Grill shroud. Door window trim both sides Rear window trim Rumble seat back and bottom Fuel pump Updraft carb air cleaner Rumble seat handle (complete) Windshield wiper motor Wiper arm Thanks!!
  5. I own and operate a semi truck for a living. I have owned the Dodge cummins in the past. My truck of choice is the Chevy Duramax diesel. I purchased a used 2011 single rear wheel 1 ton with 26000 miles on it. I did have issues at first with the DEF. Chevy got that issue resolved. I pull a 24' goose neck open trailer with mine. I must say that I have pulled a lot of weight with this truck. Besides having antique cars ( two 73 Vettes, 50 bullet nose Studebaker, 31 Chevy coupe ) I also own a very heavy 1935 John Deere Model D and a 1973 John Deere with a front end loader. No matter what I have lo
  6. I just purchased a 1931 Chevy 3 Window which was found in a corn crib in Illinois. They guy I got it from said he purchased it to street rod but decided to sell instead. I thought of converting to a 350/350 combination but after getting original engine running, I believe I will leave it alone. The car has a rumble seat lid, but from what I have found online, this was not an option for the car which has job number 31557 on its cowl tag. Can anyone confirm this? The rumble seat lid is obviously not installed correctly. I also need the trim for the door windows. There is nothing to hold them in
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