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  1. I know the King Midget is within the length limit to be a mini but do mini clubs accept them even though they are a kit?
  2. My Dad bought these and never opened them. He had a 1940 Buick Limo and a 1940's or 50's Jeepster. I'm thinking they went to the Jeepster. Any ideas?
  3. Let me know what car or truck this came off of and if it is called an air filter or oil bath. Also is this sell able or unusable.....Thanks
  4. I have my Dad's King Midget. I don't think it has been started in probably 30 years? I am not a Car person but this Car holds a lot of good memories so it was the only one of the many cars my Dad had that I wAnted.....what has to be done to this motor before I try to start it? Or is it garbage for sitting so long?
  5. I think since they only go for about $20 on EBay I'll keep it and see if I can put it on my King Midget.
  6. I really appreciate all the help you gave me. I finally got everything figured out with posting photos as you can see. Any opinions on how much I should list it for?
  7. I remember this as a kid.....don't remember where though. It was my Dad's and most of his things were car related. I thought it might be an aftermarket knob of some kind?
  8. I Did not mean to upset anyone by posting about my painting. It was a spur of the moment thought. Not well thought out. Didn't figure it would be a big deal if I wasn't asking money for it?
  9. I'm in Northern Ky.....The painting is at My Dad's old house so I'll have to go get it today or tomorrow. But I'm sure a Museum would not be interested in my work. It would be cool to be able to say one of my pieces was in museum...I am laughing now.
  10. They have big dents as shown. I hope the photo's come through....I'm having issues with that.
  11. I tried to bench test 4 headlight motors. Two made a buzzing sound two made no sound. If I ha Ear a buzz does it mean it can be used or should it be doing something else.
  12. I made a painting for my Dad when I was at art school many years ago. Wash....which is black and white water color. I don't want it and Mom doesn't either. I would love for someone who has one to have it. It's kind of big though. I know that would make Dad Smile.
  13. My son is travelling out west rock climbing. Facebook allows me to see some of the things he is doing.....some of it is pretty scary to see....but it is much better than a phone call. I try to get on once every evening g to see what my 21 year old dare devil might have posted. Great supplement to a weekly call. I'm grateful for it.
  14. I have lots of parts and questions about parts......I've recieved help from some amazingly nice people on here. I have a long road ahead of me to purge my Dad's things but some are 60's , 70's....I don't want to irritate anyone by asking questions about car parts that aren't old enough.