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  1. I recently purchased an original Sales Brochure for the 1938 Lincoln Zephyr. However, the first double sided page, pages 3 & 4 is missing.

    Has anyone on this Forum got this brochure in their collection? See picture of Cover of my brochure.

    If so, are they willing to scan this missing page and send to me.

    Another question that I have is that my page 2 Rear of the cover, is blank on my copy.

    Others that I have seen on the Internet have a picture?

    On that basis, I would need a good scan of the inside front cover.

    The reason why I want good scans is so that i can contribute Scans of this Brochure to this great Web Site - http://www.oldcarbrochures.org/

    Please let me know if you can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

    Regards Mercman <><


  2. When my friend purchased his 66 Mercury, the Instruments were not placed directly in front of the driver.

    He removed the Instrument Panel, turned the instruments upside down, then replaced the whole Dashboard.

    This is how it looked in tehg end.

    2011 555.jpg

  3. Hi Tom, Thanks for the information on Mercury Wire Hubcaps.

    I also found the Sales Brochures to be confusing.

    Your 1966 Mercury Park Lane looks great.

    My friend did own this red 1966 Mercury Park Lane Convertible until recently.

    It looks disgusting with black tyres.

    When this car was near new, it and another one was imported into Australia. 

    Unfortunately, the other one was stolen, then set on fire, so it is no-more.


  4. Can anyone tell me the years for these three 14" Mercury Wire Wheel Covers.

    The top one has a Spinner, so that would be the earliest one of the three, and I would put this one down as 1965 - 1967.

    That leaves the one on the left that has the same Black Plastic Centre with Circles as the one with the Spinner. Was this one also 1967?

    I have seen both styles on Factory Pictures on the 1967 Mercury Cougar.

    The one on the right has the Mercury Head, which I would put as 1968-1969.

    I realise that the same Wire Wheel Covers were also available on the Mercury Comet.

    I am a Hubcap Collector and want to display these, but first, I will write on the back of them what years they are for.

    Thanks for your help. Mercman <><


  5. BuickBob49, I cannot answer your question authoritatively, as I am not an expert on Buicks, just interested in all makes of American cars.

    To answer your question, from the Sales Brochure, it says that the Interior is finished in "Super Dull Finish Leather".

    Also, attached are photos of an actual RHD 39 Buick dash and steering wheel, as well as the page from the Original Sales Brochure.

    If you are not familiar with this great Brochure Web Site, I am sure that you will find plenty to interest you on it.

    In addition to a section on USA cars, there is also a section on Canadian and Australia.

    I have been scanning old car brochures in my collection and sending them in so that everyone can benefit

    We have to preserve these old pieces of literature, as originals are fast disappearing.

    Frequently, I hear that when the original older owner dies, his off spring merely discard all old literature into the Garbage Bin.

    If any reader has any Brochures that are not listed, I am sure that the owner of this Web Site would appreciate good scans.

    Regards Mercman <><


    1939 Buick Special - Holden Body (2).jpeg

    1939 Buick (Aus)-04.jpg

    1939 Buick (Aus)-05.jpg

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  6. General Motors Holden only offered the 1939 Buick Sedans in either Spacial or Century in Australia.

    It is obvious that this 1939 Buick Limited is an Imported Model.

    This car is currently undergoing a full restoration in Queensland.


  7. Thank you all for your comments. I am trying to locate a picture of an Holden built 1939 Buick.

    The picture that I have is large, but I am unable to tell if it reads Special or Century?

    In the meantime, these pictures are from the Australian Sales Brochure. You will notice that the door handles are in line with the chrome strips.

    Another difference is that these Austrian built Buicks have a split rear window, while the USA models have a single piece.

    These pictures are from the original Australian Sales Brochure.

    1939 Buick (Aus)-01.jpg

    1939 Buick (Aus)-03.jpg

    1939 Buick (Aus)-07.jpg

  8. In Australia, General Motors Holden offered the 1939 Buick 4 door Sedan in either Special Series 40 or Century Series 60.

    The Special road a 120 Inch Wheelbase while the Century road a 126 Inch Wheelbase.

    I recently came across this great picture of a 1939 Buick taken in Queensland's bush.

    Can anybody determine if this car is a Special or a Century model?

    Thanks for your help.

    1939 Buick - Queensland.jpg

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