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    I am a hopeless romantic and an optimist, and since those qualities did not seem to impact the longevity of a marriage beyond 25 years, I have decided to reapply them to the task of restoring a 40 Pontiac Sport Coupe. So far, the relationship has been a bit daunting!
  1. I am working on a 1940 Pontiac Special deluxe coupe. The original 6 had multiple cracks in the water jacket, and ultimately I ended up with a 52 six, kindly located for me by Lowell White in Spokane, who has been a great resource. I am in the (slow) process of reassembly. I mated the 40 bell housing to the 52 engine, using the 40 flywheel, clutch assembly, throwout bearing and release fork. Lo and behold, the release fork holds the throwout bearing approximately 3/8 inch out of alignment with the mating surface on the pressure plate, 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch to the right of the centerline of the transmission input shaft, when peering into the bell housing from the rear. Huh? Since the release fork rotates on the pivot ball, I surmise the centerline of the throwout bearing rotates inward toward the input shaft centerline as the clutch is depressed, but 3/8 of an inch? Did Pontiac change the release fork geometry throughout the years, or has my garage entered a strange space-time warp? Thanks for any help. Steve
  2. I am working on a 40 Pontiac Sport Coupe in Missoula, Montana. I am keeping the six, but the original had parallel cracks in the water jacket, and a 37 six checked out OK, but no mains available. So I am fitting in a 52 I can do, given the distance to nearest pile of blocks! We are putting the engine back together, but find that the 40 flywheel does not bolt up to the flange on the 52 crank, and the 52 engine came without a flywheel. I am keeping the 3-speed. My questions are: 1) Is there a different flywheel for synchromesh and Hydramatic transmissions? 2) Are 6 and 8 flywheels different? 3) Does anyone out there near Montana have a selection of flywheels they are interested in subdividing, that would include a unit compatible with a 52 6 cylinder block for a clutch? Also, is there a supplier of correct color engine paint? Thanks for any help!