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  1. Hey everyone, After lusting over the first gen Rivieras for a few years I finally rescued one a month ago. I found it sitting in a back lot covered in dust and tumble weeds. Surprisingly engine fired up after a "few" attempts by the seller. Trim/chrome pieces seem to all be there, plastic parts are there but pretty worn, numbers match, some surface rust, interior to include seat upholstery needs to be redone as well as other mechanical/electrical components for a 50 yr-old machine. I've since removed all interior to include instrument cluster, dash etc. Since visiting this forum for a little bit I've learned a bit. I appreciate the knowledge and info shared here. Hope to get my ride on the road...let the madness begin! jeff
  2. Hey AACA, New guy here. Finally picked up a 64 Riviera last month after searching/waiting/searching for couple years. Following the various restoration threads is definitely inspiring/motivating. I plan to post up some pics of my Riviera which I purchased as an abandoned restoration project. It runs, numbers on cowl matches engine, interior is beat up, will need engine/tranny rebuild. I seem to have all trim/chrome pieces. I recently removed all interior-seats, console and instrument cluster etc. Keep up the progress on your restorations guys! Jeff ROA#14384