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  1. We are currently searching for a clean, stock '66 Fairlane Base car or 500 for for the Eyes on Design Concours show held in Metro Detroit at the historic old Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate on Fathers Day. This is a fantastic event at a beautiful location, especially with all the top Ford guys who attend along with the Media folks. We have a special Feature Class showcasing stock cars vs their Muscle Car counterparts this year and have a gorgeous '66 GTA,.....but can not find a decent stock version to display with it. Tried the Fairlane club and local clubs, but can not find a base car anywhere around the area (MI, OH, IN, IL, PA, CAN, etc). Does ANYONE know of any around???? Thanks, .....Bill
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics Wayne, very nice event. Really like the Simplex. Looks like it was great weather too.
  3. Very nice group of cars. Cool shots of some of the Muscle Cars especially. Thanks for spending the time to post the pics.
  4. In response to CXGVD,.... you definitely have me confused with someone else in regards to seeing me at a Windsor Cruise,.....I have never attended this event nor have I ever heard of it. In regards to raining on my car show, I personally do not put on a car show (though I help with them), and as for "sitting in a lawn chair behind my '20's car", we rarely ever sit! Now that that has been addressed...... As for my original post about other car events with a strong turnout of older cars, I was inquiring about enjoyable smaller events in scenic towns or locations people may NOT be aware of. It is a topic often brought up by car enthusiasts (about new places to go), and I thought someone may know of some and let everyone know. Concerning my '28, it is currently my only pre-war car and we use this for older car events primarily. It is a joy to drive! We have other cars for Cruises, Concours Events or local Car Shows, but like many folks, once in awhile it's fun to just hang out for a day. That is why I first inquired about other events folks may not know about.
  5. In reading some of these posts, AND a lot on other threads, it is very obvious that many folks are at a loss for more one day or weekend events catering to pre-war cars. Yes, there are a few of the older events (Hershey, Greenfield Village, Ypsilanti Orphan Owners show, Gilmore Museum, etc), but most of the smaller, localized events have given way to the later cars as several folks have commented. I have several friends in the Horseless Carriage Club, and I know how much folks enjoy Touring in older cars. But driving pre-war cars today longer distances that cruise comfortably in the 30-45 mph range is not as enjoyable as it used to be,....primarily with the modern generation of poor (and distracted) drivers who believe the posted speed limit is 'a starting point', the road is theirs, and that old cars (and people) belong in Museums, not on the road. Things have changed a lot, even in just the last 12-15 years, and it is probably only going to get worse. I know a lot of folks like myself look for enjoyable events to attend for a day (or 2) that allow us to park, look at cars, and hang out with other folks with older cars like ours. Does not have to be a certified classic, I have just as much fun looking at a Graham, Essex or Falcon Knight as a Peerless or Packard! Does not have to have a 5 acre swap meet either. That just makes me miss the show!!! Just a nice location to hangout, perhaps an old town with good food and a couple Antique shops for the gals to enjoy. Perhaps limited to pre-war era cars, or at least pre 1949 timeframe. No stress of Judging, perhaps a few popular vote awards for various groupings if anything. What a cool yearly event that would be, especially in a good location (for me that would be within a day drive from MI.). Hey,....Just Thinkin!! As we get older, that's what we do.
  6. I have heard of the Kingston Tour. There are several Tours on the map where the older cars actually go on the road 'Touring', some of which are for pre late '20's cars, but we're still looking for car shows. All day shows, hanging out with other old car guys, maybe some scenic stuff to see, shopping for the gals... whatever is there. Perhaps events in small towns which get a big turnout of pre-war cars?? Any others anyone knows of?
  7. Interesting sounding event Walt. A lot of folks with older cars look for events to go to. Thats what makes Greenfield Village so great, and some of the single mark events like the Packard or Graham national meets. It would be great if a few events focused on just pre-war cars. But these events DO NOT have to be just old cars I suppose to be good, but should have a large percentage of older vehicles in attendance. Most of the events now are for Muscle Cars, Rods and other 50's-80's cars , which fine in itself because most true car enthusiasts like everything (still have my 1st car, a '70 GTO), but you never see the older ones. So, just curious if there are any others out there??? Small historic town events, larger meets, anything!
  8. Recently in these Forums we have all read about Hershey being a huge event as we all know, and Greenfield Village's Old Car Festival being the nations largest and oldest event for pre-1932 cars, but where are other cool car shows that would cater largely to the pre-war crowd. There must be some old towns, festivals, other events (not Touring events) through-out the states that there are lots of old cars?!! Anyone know of any that have a good turnout of older cars that a car enthusiast would travel a few hours to attend? Being in Metro Detroit, we have some events at the Gilmore Museum, and the Sloan Museum, but the other 'hundreds' of events each summer are more for all cars. Here are a couple shots of Greenfield Village this year (cold and damp), awesome event with over 1000 cars, events, festivities. The 'coppers' nabbed me for trying to knock off the Wright Brothers shop, then took my Pontiac for their CHIEF. Dirty Rats!!!! Bill
  9. Best event of the year anywhere if you can handle over 1000 pre-1932 cars, and lots of enjoyable driving and festivities!!! Great to see Electric cars and steamers actually cruising. Here are a couple pics from this year (1st dark and cold one I have attended). Unfortunately, the 'Coppers' nabbed me as I was trying to knock off the Wright Brothers shop and 'confisamagated' my Pontiac to give to their 'CHIEF'. Dirty rats!!!
  10. In regards to the largest 'Antique' car show, I am not aware of any event getting over 1000 pre 1932 vehicles (truly 'Antique') like Greenfield Village's Old Car Festival. They have cut back on registrations a bit, but this is the Best of the Best for most participants AND spectators. Hershey is awesome, but these are not all 'Antique' cars either, unless you consider anything from the early eighties down as 'Antique'. As for the biggest Hot Rod event, yes the Street Rod Nationals is KING. Louisville and Columbus are both FANTASTIC events. IF by chance you want the biggest Car Event though.....the biggest Car Event in the world is also the biggest 'event' in the world. Bigger than the super bowl, bigger than the World Soccer Championship, even bigger than a Beatles Reunion Concert (with all original members mind you),....coming in at Number One is the world famous Woodward Dream Cruise!! 1.4 million people on average from all over the US, Canada and the World. Estimated 35-50,000 Classic, Muscle, modern Performance, Sports, Concept, Movie and Experimental cars every year (probably more). Yeah Yeah, I know, probably another 200,000 mini-vans, trucks and suv's. Lot's of traffic. But it IS considered by most to be one gigantic 20 mile (both ways) car show!! You have to enjoy the week before and the actual event day the right way....CRUISIN!! And have a car for it. Who loves sitting in a chair all day looking at tires rolling by when your car can be attached to the tires and you can see everything. I love Classic Cars, but I also love Hot Rods, Finned cars and Muscle Cars. Tell me it's not cool to be sitting at a traffic light and have the Monkee Mobile pull up next to you! Or the Munsters Koach race past pacing a blown Willy's Gasser! What true car nut would have NO interest in seeing a pre-production prototype Viper with probably 1400 HP. Maybe you would look twice at a GMC passenger van rolling by you,....UPSIDE DOWN (built a chassis in the roof). How about Linda Vaughn in an Olds pace car with the shifter platform, or Jay Leno in a GM Concept Vette, or Tim Allan in one of his cool cars. I don't know, but for me, thats pretty darn cool. But even if it's not your bag, can't argue the size! All car events are what you make them, so I try to enjoy them all. Bill
  11. Thanks Mike, sounds like that may help. These carbs are not to intricate, so I suppose they would not gunk up with a small amount as you describe. Are you talking about something like the Lucas Oil upper cylinder lubricant like they sell for fuel injector cars? Bill
  12. Hey Jon, thank you for your information. I am ok with not having an original carb, and I do know the problems with older materials as they all deteriorate over time. Interesting history on the carb companies though, thanks. I am still hopeful (though I understand your knowledge of these carbs) that there are parts available,.....someone rebuilt this unit back in the 90's. I believe there must be interchangeable parts that work in these for them to have done this, it is only logical. Nothing appears to have been custom made, not even the gaskets. We lost the only 2 'old' type carb companies locally who may have had an inventory of these older carb parts, like needle valves that I could compare mine to. I will figure this one out, may take time though. But thank you anyway for your time and insight. Bill
  13. Hi Guys, thanks for the input. The original carb was listed in the Pontiac books as a Carter. This carb does have a fuel pump circuit in it as the original did, and has always worked GREAT!! At some time, the past owner rebuilt this unit as it is still in great visual condition, so whomever did it for him was able to get parts somewhere for it. I gently vertically sanded the needle rubber with 6000 grit model car paper to smooth the slight indentation in the rubber caused from a lot of sitting, which caused it to stick shut to begin with. After putting it back in, the car starts and runs fine, but with events like The Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village still upcoming, I was hoping to find new parts to put in mainly for peace of mind. This peace of mind includes not getting hollered at by my significant other in the event of a break down! Not that THAT would ever happen on a 90 year old car I'm sure! Also, as mentioned, this is not the original carb. There are no stampings on the outside at all, probably had a decal as Jon stated, but there are the 2 numbers cast inside as stated above. Thanks for the info on the Borg Warner carbs. Jon, might there be some sort of kit or interchangeable parts for this unit? If I take it back off again, is there pictures, dimensions, detailed drawings,...anything I could send you or anyone you may recommend that would be of assistance in tracking down parts, mainly a needle valve? Thank you for your time and input. Bill
  14. OK, so the Tucker is not quite as old.....IT WAS GORGEOUS THOUGH!!! Bill
  15. Ron, your car looked beautiful at this years Eyes on Design. Though we had a really hot day, it was an outstanding event. The unique design of the Kissel body and the way the rear area of the top rolls was perfect for this type of an event, one which focuses on design. Here are a couple other pics of some of the other outstanding early cars. Bill
  16. I have a '28 Pontiac that sits too much, hence the needle valve stuck in the carb this spring. I cleaned/sanded it smooth, but I would feel more comfortable replacing it with a new needle (or complete kit is ok too). The car has always run fantastic, but I am not sure what make/model this carb is, (doubt it is original). It has no stampings, casting numbers, or tags on the outside. The only numbers I can find are cast inside,....10-432 in the fuel bowl and 227-99 under the float, by pump. In looking at the pics provided, can anyone identify this carb, and possibly point me to where I can get a needle or kit? I am reluctant to send it out because it is currently working and is otherwise in great shape, plus I have had poor luck in sending things out. With a couple major car events I go to upcoming, I would feel better knowing it is right. Both of the good older carb shops in my Detroit area I know of have recently closed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill
  17. Hi Jo, I am interested in one or both of the headlight switches (ok if frozen, just not with broke off lever which should look like a feather if original). May have to take off whole plate with ignition switch if light is frozen and can not remove, feather style lever breaks easily and is really hard to remove. PM me with cost and address. Bill
  18. Thanks, if I have no responses through this forum, and I do not come up with a nice car through some of the fellow enthusiasts, I will try the Open Forum you mention. I am not familiar with it, but I will look into it. Thanks again for the input. Bill
  19. Hi guys, We are currently looking for a 1915-1927 era Franklin open four door Touring for the Eyes on Design Concours Show held this Fathers Day (June 18th) on the lawn of the beautiful Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate in Grosse Pointe Mich (suburb of Detroit on the bank of Lake Saint Clair). The car must be a very well restored model, and will be in a special feature class of open Touring cars called Touring America. The show is one of the mid west's top Concours type events. It usually attracts some 250-300 hand picked cars for specific classes relating to vehicle design, and has a ton of spectators and media. It is a wonderful event, and the old historic mansion will even be open that day for tours. One note, the Air Cooled event is at the Gilmore Museum this weekend also, so a participant could actually hit both events in one weekend. If interested, forward me a pic or two of your car and I will get back to you. Thanks, Bill
  20. Hi guys, We are still looking for a well restored 1919-1927 Hudson Touring for the Eyes on Design Concours show. The one in the area can not attend due to another event, and I have not as of yet had any responses from owners of well restored Touring models. It most be a 4 door open Touring, not a coupe or sedan. Anyone have any leads? Drop me a note, thanks....Bill
  21. Hi Guys, We have a gorgeous 1905 REO for the early Touring America (1900-1915) class, but we would still like to find a Touring from the 1918 to about 1927 era for the later Touring America class (1915-1927). I have been contacted by a couple folks with different body styles, but it must be a very nice four door open Touring for this class. Please drop me a line if anyone knows of any. As a side NOTE, I will be looking for a 1920-1929 Roadster for a future class, perhaps 2018 show, if anyone is interested in letting me know in advance. Bill
  22. Does anyone know (or have contact info) for Bob Carter (Bucyrus OHIO)? He has a red '23 Durant Touring.
  23. Thanks Mike, I will do that this weekend if I do not hear from anyone this week.
  24. The HCCA and AACA Tours are really nice, a lot of very unique cars. How about the non-tour events, say 1-2 day shows or events in old historic towns or areas around the country which cater to the older cars from before the 1950's? Anyone been to any of these events that maybe are hidden gems, perhaps not well known but are must see events for old car enthusiasts? I am sure everyone would love the input from anyone who knows of some of these.
  25. For the last few years, we have been going to the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village (pre 1932 cars only). Events like this allow car owners to display their older cars in a neat setting with similar cars, then drive your car around. In the Detroit area, we have a lot of actual Cruises, and millions of car shows (including Saint John's and Eyes on Design Concours events, and events at the Gilmore Museum), but nothing else in a nice or historic setting geared specifically towards older cars. Is anyone aware of any other shows around the mid west (or where ever) which focuses primarily on the early cars, perhaps in old or historic settings, towns, museum districts? Not specific to one brand, like a Studebaker meet or a Model A show. Everyone is aware of Hershey and Carlisle, but what other hometown neat events are out there for the older car crowd that may not be well advertised or widely known, but worth traveling to attend?? Bill
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