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  1. Its been over a year and my Lincoln finally has paint on it! Hope you guys enjoy it!
  2. Thank You John_Mc! No more pictures yet. I'll have more pictures to come this month. When I found this convertible on the Island, I thought I was in heaven! Love it!
  3. It's been over a year since I purchased this and its finally got a coat of primer! :cool: Now, to get the paint to match as close as possible. "Sheldon Grey Metallic".
  4. Got it! Thanks for the help! http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/chipdisplay.cgi?year=1946&manuf=Ford&smodel=Lincoln&info=yes&page=14
  5. LEE! Is this the paint formula? I'll be so happy if it is!
  6. Hi, John Murphy Thanks for the reply. My paint guy called DuPont and they couldn't find Sheldon Gray. After, 2 hours on the phone and several books of searching she found 1 cross reference book where it was hand written in "Sheldon Gray", but no formula. I'm striking out. Do you have any contacts or any more info about this color? http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/paintdetail.cgi?wtcode=14137
  7. Hi Lee, Do you happen to have a paint code for Sheldon Gray? My paint guy called Dupont and they couldn't find it. Also, do you have a picture of the Sheldon Gray Continental? Thanks!
  8. I got the build sheet from the Benson Ford Research Center. THANK YOU!
  9. Mystery solved! The stamped numbers are deteriorated. The I is a 1. The engine and transmission were changed. The card says it came with a 2 speed warner but I have a 3 speed w/ OD.
  10. I got the INFO and posted a picture! Of course, a couple questions follow. Was the "Sheldon Gray" color part of the interior or exterior? It say's "Leather, Red" but was it 2-tone w/ Sheldon Gray? The hand written part looks to be "Top Material Black". Kind of dumb question but does that mean it came with a black top or a black headliner? What are "Chrome Bands"?
  11. I called Benson Ford Research and I'll receive something in the mail any day now. The vin# on the transmission reads H177319. Again the "1's" look more like "I's" and the 9 may be a 7, not sure. I can't wait to get the info about the car! I'll keep everyone posted.
  12. Peecher, MAHALO for all the great info! I'll give the Benson Ford Research Center a call.
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