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  1. I just can,t get this mental picture outa my head. Chrome mag wheels on my 50 Silver Streak. Is it possible that anyone here may have a vintage set of 6 or 7 x 15 in. Craiger SS or American Racing to fit that are collecting dust that they,d be willing to part with ? My fuzzy dice look out of place without them.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I too realized that using the wiper vac, supply tube would be best. My brain musta slipped outa gear, hafta check my synchros. Thanks to all who have replied to my post with your words of wisdom. My engine now responds crisply to the accelerator and sounds strong and surprisingly smooth. Poor old Fat n Flat prolly hasn,t sounded this good for a very long time. Now to tweak some driveline issues and pack the trunk with essentials like tools and parts, pray to God to keep us safe and hit the road.
  3. Very interesting. So what your telling me is , as long as my engine has no internal or external vacuum leaks, idles with high and steady vacuum showing on my gauge, that optimum ignition timing can be achieved solely with the gauge. Wow, now that you,ve explained why and how the timing light method could leave us with an ignition timing error, it makes perfect sense. And, it,s worth it to me to drill and tap a vacuum access port in the intake manifold. I,ve used the gauge to adjust carbs. but adjusting the timing with the guage never crossed my mind. After all, the measure of vacuum an engine
  4. Yes, mine is a Sun Inductive born in 1987. Hooked it up as if the car was a 12 volt and pulled the trigger. To my surprise the light performed as if it was hooked to 12 volts. A pleasant surprise to say the least. Too bad Pontiac didn,t put more degree graduations on the balancer. Instead they put a fine tune "gasselector" in place that in my way of thinking left too much room for error and left the customer at the mercy of the mechanics ability to tune by the seat of his pants. Thanks!
  5. It worked, Thanks for the motivational shove.Soon as I read your post I went to the garage and hooked up, Timing was way off the scale advanced. Set at 6 BUTC and throttle response and power improved 100 %. However, while driving from standing stop, wide open throttle, she still has what feels like a bit of valve float. Next timing will be 3 deg. and see if that remedies it. Kinda almost like maybe the muffler might be restricting flow just enough to throw balance out of wack. It,s a pretty amazing engine to work on and get to drive. The torque it delivers seems like overkill. I,m nearing the
  6. Havent been on here in quite a while and you prolly have gotten a rad. by now, but if you haven,t check with www. wizard performance cooling . They can custom build an aluminum one if you want.
  7. Well thanks for your input C. Anderson. I haven,t tried that yet. Just kinda planning ahead in case the 6 volts dont make a bright enough light. I,ll try it .
  8. Thanks Ragtop, Mystery solved BUDC = BTDC . I,m gonna try that 12 volt light trick. I,m thinkin it,ll work as long as I also ground the lights ground lead to the cars chassis ground. Old Fat n Flat,s rings must be freeing up in the grooves. She,s gettin torquey again. Cool when ya tromp on the gas and the front end picks up high on launch. Still wont break traction yet. LOL. I,ll keep at it till the silver streaks are but a blurr in the distance.
  9. Was reading up on ignition timing in my authentic Pontiac shop manual. They make reference to the term, BUDC, regarding timing degrees. I know BTDC, but never saw BUDC. What does that " U " stand for? Also, I have the 12 volt inductive timing light. Can I hook the power and ground lead to a remote 12 volt battery and hook the spark signal lead as normal and have a properly functioning light to time my 6 volt straight eight? What gasselector setting do you guys find to work best with todays unleaded regular gas for the fifty 4 door chieftan with hyrdra matic? That gasselector concept doesn,t ma
  10. The radiators installed in Chieftans were (honeycolme) design. They don,t have tubes. Instead they have flat copper passages connecting the upper and lower tanks. If these leak they can,t be sealed by repairing. They must be recored. The core itself costs around $ 1200.00 I had mine pressure tested and it leaked at both tanks. I found an aluminum replacement at www. wizard cooling. A two row, with 3/8 in. tubes. For an extra $ 100 I had them place a trans fluid cooler in in case anyone ever wants to update the drivetrain. Cost was $630.00 The assembly fit like a glove. Only had to drill the su
  11. Ok fellas, I understand now that I caused some confusion with my mistake of mixing up eagle and streak. Thanks for setting me straight on that. And I mean it nice, I apologize . I,ve been putting in some very long hours in very cold temps at my job in the gas field, 85 hours last week under alot of equipment problem and weather related stress. I know that rest is what I should be getting, instead, I guess I,ve made gathering tuneup parts and repair manuals for my "new" 50 Pontiac a priority so that when the weather breaks and free time prevails, I can be confident that this car will make round
  12. Thanks Tinindian, and sorry 1953 Pontiac, I thought all you Pontiac buffs would know about the Silver Streak When the engine design engineers were building the engine they nicknamed it the silver streak. Later, the body design engineers adopted the nickname and came up with the chrome paralell, belts that span the length of the hood and trunk lid, silver streaks so to speak. One model year, not sure which right now, would have to look it up, even had these "streaks" on the roof. And in 1948 Pontiac began placing the Silver Streak nameplate on the front fenders. My 1950 has fender nameplates a
  13. Pontiac 53, Silver Eagle is the nickname given to the Pontiac flat eight by the Pontiac Motor Division engineers. Also happens to be the model name of the 50 sitting in my garage. Says so on the fenders and on the dash.It may well feel like a land yaught to drive but surely aint no bus. What I read about the Desoto( may )in fact apply to the Pontiac engine block. Who knows, I sure don,t. Thats why I was asking if the exhaust valve seats on the silver eagle are hard faced. My question seems to have offended you in some way. If it has, I apologize. I have the solution to never offend you again,
  14. From past experience checking coils in the same manner you described in steps # 6,7,and 8, I would say that you,ve got a short circuited coil. Take your ohmeter to the parts store and perform steps #7 and 8 on a brand new coil (with their permission of course). That,s what I did the first time I had to deal with a bad coil.Step # 8 is the key.
  15. Is it possible that you have installed the upper and lower control arms that are made for the left side on the right side and the right side arms on the left? Just wondering.
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