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  1. I would like to remove my TC Head rest. Anyone have an idea as to how this is accomplished. Thanks in advance
  2. Rockauto is featuring a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron LX V6 Convertible. Not a TC but a close cousin. Great to see it publicized. https://www.rockauto.com/Newsletter/#triviaq
  3. Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. Better to wait for cooler weather.
  4. Have you tried Rockauto. The last time I looked they listed them for the A590 compressor
  5. one line feeds vacuum to control valve. (dark color} 2nd line back out to feed water valve vacuum . (grey color) Would like to know if anyone has ventured into actuators. After vacuum changes air flow to panel or by flow when next acceleration it looses vacuum and defaults back to defroster. One way valves (under hood) checks OK
  6. My panel and By Level system has a bad Actuator or vacuum leak. When reading the manual it does not explain how to get in and repair. Anyone have the top of dash or whatever to get to the actuators? recirculating door operates correctly. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would like to purchase a Fuel lever cover. One of you Maserati Key emblems. Also what is the condition of the Ginger Console cover? Is a hood pad displayed? What is price and how do I pay with PayPal. Thanks Jim Hilgeford jhilge@gmail.com
  8. I will take one with your key chain. Email and info me how to pay with paypal jhilge@gmail.com Jim in Sunny Tucson
  9. If the Fuel Door Lever is available, I could use one. Jhilge@gmail.com
  10. Rick: I am finally getting my 16v put back together. The covers for timing belt. Any chance? Jim in Sunny Tucson
  11. It looks like you have a good Ginger Console cover. Also looking for 16 Valve Timing belt covers. Jhilge@gmail.com
  12. I Am removing Valve keepers on my 16 Valve engine. The manual calls for a MB-990666 Tool to complete the removal and reinstall. Any ideas where this can be obtained. Thanks in advance Jim
  13. I was removing the spark plugs in my 16 Valve engine. All went well till I got to #3 plug. It would not unscrew. Looked in with a flash light and apparently the seal has swollen into the spark plug hole. I examined the spark plug wire tube and that seal there is Ok. Any idea as to removing. Do I need to get a a valve cover gasket and seals, and replace them. They are expensive. Preferred to some way put the seal back out of the spark plug area. As always, Thanks for everyone's assistance and advice.
  14. That is something to check. Thanks for the info.
  15. Thanks for the assistance. The club member have always been helpful.
  16. Thanks. That is what my gauge does. The wires are plunged in, it appears. Put a manual gauge on it a few years back and the oil pressure was rock solid. Do not like the wave of the gauge. I am hoping he sender change repairs the situation. Is that a sender or just a switch? (which put the gauge at about 1/2 reading.
  17. Thanks for the feed back. I will try the radiator and fan removal. Why am I replacing the sending unit. I had a problem with the temp unit waving at me. The oil is doing the same. Drive down the road and the gauge goes from no press to 1/2 gauge.
  18. I understand that Larry (Carlson) in Phoenix has them available.
  19. Thanks for the info. I have an early with the 2" in. unit. I am able to see the end form the bottom. It has a plug in the oil feeder. But the sending unit is hidden behind Wires and brackets. I can follow the oil feed line for the turbo, but cannot find it around the front of the engine because of the fan motor..
  20. I need to change the oil pressure sending unit on my 16 valve engine. I cannot see it. i know it is on the trans side of the engine, nest to the dipstick tube. Do I need to pull radiator/ Or would I remove battery and air clearer box to get to the sender. If someone have had done this, I would appreciate what needs to be removed to get to the Oil pressure sending unit. Thanks in advance
  21. I am interested in the 1990 Parts manual. Is it available. Email jhilge@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  22. Arizona Parts has the switch in stock.
  23. I am looking at my Top Pull Down Motor & mechanism. There is 2 Wire connectors hooked to nothing. I have looked and it seems there are 2 relays. I have the black one, but the silver relay is missing. Does anyone have part #'s for both relays so I can purchase at Rockauto or a local parts house. I appreciated the pictures that have been posted. My aftermarket parts book does not list any items for the Top Pull down assy. Thanks in advance
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