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  1. I also am removing dash cluster. What is process to removing headlight knob. Manual says push button. my switch has resistor on left and button on right is not accessible, that I can figure out. Thanks in advance for assistance.
  2. I would like to remove my TC Head rest. Anyone have an idea as to how this is accomplished. Thanks in advance
  3. Rockauto is featuring a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron LX V6 Convertible. Not a TC but a close cousin. Great to see it publicized. https://www.rockauto.com/Newsletter/#triviaq
  4. Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. Better to wait for cooler weather.
  5. Have you tried Rockauto. The last time I looked they listed them for the A590 compressor
  6. one line feeds vacuum to control valve. (dark color} 2nd line back out to feed water valve vacuum . (grey color) Would like to know if anyone has ventured into actuators. After vacuum changes air flow to panel or by flow when next acceleration it looses vacuum and defaults back to defroster. One way valves (under hood) checks OK
  7. My panel and By Level system has a bad Actuator or vacuum leak. When reading the manual it does not explain how to get in and repair. Anyone have the top of dash or whatever to get to the actuators? recirculating door operates correctly. Thanks in advance.
  8. I would like to purchase a Fuel lever cover. One of you Maserati Key emblems. Also what is the condition of the Ginger Console cover? Is a hood pad displayed? What is price and how do I pay with PayPal. Thanks Jim Hilgeford jhilge@gmail.com
  9. I will take one with your key chain. Email and info me how to pay with paypal jhilge@gmail.com Jim in Sunny Tucson
  10. If the Fuel Door Lever is available, I could use one. Jhilge@gmail.com
  11. Rick: I am finally getting my 16v put back together. The covers for timing belt. Any chance? Jim in Sunny Tucson
  12. It looks like you have a good Ginger Console cover. Also looking for 16 Valve Timing belt covers. Jhilge@gmail.com
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