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  1. If only I could come up with a sending unit that would work without welding, my factory unit has two lines and one wire, mine works but they don't make a repo sending unit, if only they made a tank that has a similar sending unit wiring I could use a new sender also, but i will weld it if I must, thanks guys
  2. you have been very helpful,,this is my best and only plan as of now, thanks for your time
  3. Sounds good to me. What did you do to the sending mount? Did you use your factory sending unit?
  4. ,I'm 34, from Indiana, own a 65 Riv, have owned other 65's, t-type regals, bandit T/A,72 GTO
  5. The gas tank for my riv has a lot of pin holes thru the bottom, and the metal is thin. One radiator shop said they could not fix it. I Really do not want to buy another used one, don't need another rusty one shipped to my house. Had the idea of just welding a new piece of metal across the bottom , but really? Anyone ever try to modify the 65 skylark repo gas tank to the riv? Ideas?
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