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  1. hello interested in conv dash cover. had my 34 conv windshield frame chromed, top piece had holes in it, had to copper it several times, looks good know. nc industries make chrome windshield frames. I thought I would call them and ask if they could make the top piece of conv frame if had my pattern. 34pnut
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  3. hello countrytravler been watching your forms you have a lot of good cars & parts Thanks for the welcome
  4. hello Chris sorry about calling your car a dodge. I seen the pics of your car and I knew it was a 33 plymouth. I used to get to the Houston area. delivered to the BAM store in Katy Tx.
  5. hello Chris, thanks. been watching the progress on your 33 dodge conv looks great. the chrome job on the windshield frame wow. I enjoy talking to people about the 33/34 mopars . I'm an a truck driver an I have meet and talked to lots of people over the years and bought lots 34 mopar parts my job made it easy to pickup the cars & parts. enjoy the pics of your car thanks. Alan
  6. hello Scott I have four 34 pe plymouths ( two coupes,4 door sedan & a conv ) & a 4 door dodge sedan (117 in. wheelbase) the pic of the conv is when I got it 14 years ago. I got it going last summer, it needs a lot of work, but i do have all the parts ( complete windshield frame, top bows, good frame) Got lots sheetmetal work to do. got patch panels from Riley. have been a mopar nut for 25 years and collecting 34 plymouth parts for those years.Will try to attach pics. Thanks for reply
  7. hello Scott how many mopar cars do you have
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