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  1. HI, I wonder where I find a pair of arm rest for the front doors into a 1961 Buick Invicta Convertible, preferably original Best Regards Håkan Persson, Sweden
  2. Hi,I want to buy a 1961 Buick Electra 225 or Invicta Convertible grateful for all the answers. Kind Regards Håkan Persson Sweden
  3. Hi Im looking for a 1961 Electra o Invicta Convertible does anyone know if there is such a car for sale so please mail Kind Regards Håkan Persson
  4. Hi Im looking for a 1961 Buick electra 225 or Invicta Convertible for sale. Håkan Persson Sweden
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone know where i can find a safety neutral switch for my 53 Super Riviera Model 56R my is broken ,and i have search at ebay but i cant find anyone. Thanks Håkan Persson /Sweden
  6. Hi Thank you for your help , i will get back whit a answer if i get the wires at the right place Håkan Persson
  7. Hi I have a green electrical cable on neutral Saftey switch in place No. 2 according to the picture and the other end of the cable I know not where it should be connected to , I think it has with the reversing light to do , the car is a Buick 53 Model 56R with Dynaflow . Grateful for answers Håkan Persson / Sweden
  8. Hi Al Thank you for information about your fender skirts , I have the car standing on my other residents I will not be going to be there for two weeks and then I can measure the openings on the rear fender. I am interested to buy them if they fit . What you requested for them and it is possible , and send them to Sweden . Best Regards Håkan Persson Sweden
  9. Thank you for your answer I will measure the fenders opening, I 'll be in touch with the dimensions of the opening. Best Regards Håkan Persson
  10. Hi I wonder if there is anyone who knows where I can buy fender skirts for my Buick Super 53 Model 56R Håkan PerssonSweden :cool:
  11. Thank you, you have been very helpful Håkan Persson Sweden
  12. Hi Al Thank you for your help Håkan Persson Sweden
  13. Hi What for sort of sheet metal and other goodies ? Thank you for your help Håkan Persson Sweden
  14. HI I wonder where i can find vin no. on the frame i got a Buick Super Riviera 53 / Model 56R maybe somebody got a Picture Thankful for any help Håkan Persson Sweden:)
  15. I am looking for a diagram on the wiper motor/switch vaccum lines. 1953 Buick Super Riviera Any help is greatly appreciated Håkan Persson Sweden