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  1. I'm on it...I'll beef up the grounds and check out the starter solenoid first thing tomorrow. thanks, E
  2. Along with the ignition problems, I think my starter is turning the engine very (very) slow. New battery and ground strap. Any ideas? I have the ground going from the + terminal on the battery to a head bolt. Is that enough. Should I add another from the engine to the chassis? Perhaps the starter is tired? I saw one on ebay for starting bid $150. Anyone have a good used one out there? thanks again, Erik
  3. Thanks. The engine is of the same car. I cleaned up the heads, intake, and engine compartment. The engine compartment was already pretty clean as the former owner replaced the wiring (along with the upholstery and headliner). Looks clean and organized. I gave the engine compartment a shade tree paint job...masked off the wiring and such, then used cast iron engine paint for the cowl and inner fender areas. As well, I gave the engine a valve job and replaced associated gaskets. Rebuilt the carb and now I'm sorting out ignition problems. It's a beautiful car. Very graceful in it's stock form. I can't wait to hear the engine run. I've never heard one of these before. Wish me luck. thanks, Erik
  4. Thanks for the information. I'm fairly certain that I have the original type resistors....similar to the one in the photo posted above. I'll recheck my resistance values and get that straight. I have both types of testers (digital and analog). Interestingly, I have a huge old fashion tester that comes in a leather case. Beautiful tool and very sensitive (accurate). It was my father's. I may just dig it out and give it a try. Why not use tools of the era to work on the cars of the era? I'll post back with results. Maybe I'll have some better information for you. thanks, erik
  5. I'm unfamiliar with the v12 distributor and ignition set up of the early lincolns. I've started checking around with the volt meter to see what or if I have voltage and where. At the distributor one time I measured 6V at each terminal...then just this afternoon I had 6V at one and 2.6V at the other. I also checked the resistors themselves but they are reading equal but to infinity. One side was hot and the other not. I've been told that I should have around 4V at the distributor. Does anyone have photos of how their ignition resistors are wired up? The fella that I bought the car from re-wired the car with OEM type wiring and it looks good and correct, but with this issue I would like to check with someone who has experience and a good running car. thanks, Erik
  6. Hey thanks for the tip. I'll check those guys out. I think I saw those guys advertising on the LZOC website. -E
  7. Howdy, I'm on the hunt for a speedo lens for my LZ. From what I've heard, a lens from '39-'41 will work. If anybody has one or has a lead to one...I'm all ears. I would buy the whole speedo if that makes it easier. many thanks, Erik 7o7 357-o88o
  8. Sounds like I have to do the deed and look in there. I talked with Merv Adkins today and he agreed. He also said that he might have some new and/or used valves if I need 'em. thanks for your responses, Erik
  9. Howdy, I recently bought a '39 LZ and was messing around this weekend trying to get it running for the first time in many years. I removed the spark plugs and sprayed some Sea Foam into the tops of the cylinders to let them soak for a few days before turning the engine over by hand. Then comes the weekend and I decide to give her a go...nothing. She's got spark and I'm feeding fuel to the carb via coffee can and gravity. Compression test is always early on my list of things. So then after 6 uneventful (but good) compression readings on the 7th I guess I must have screwed the tester too far in because the valve came up and hit the bottom of the tester. I heard it and felt it.....then of course, zero compression on that cylinder. With a flashlight it looks like the valve is going up and down, but not as snappy or evenly as the others. What do you think I broke? The valve? I then went on to test the other cylinders on that side (very carefully) and got decent readings. I know that I have to tear it down and do the necessary repairs, but thought I would ask around before hand to get some advice. This will be the first V-anything that I have worked on. Most of my amateur experience is with Hudsons. Any advice and source for parts and tools would be Very helpful. thanks, E
  10. I've driven Hudsons and Nash's across the country, but I hear all kinds of warnings and worries about the LZ V12 over-heating issues and so forth. Can anyone advise me on what it would take to drive one of these beauties long distance? Outside of the normal, is there anything specific to address before attempting something like this? The reason I ask is that I'm looking into the American leg of the World Auto Tour and would like to drive my Lincoln. As mentioned, I have experience in long distance travel in Vintageant Class Autos, but usually I'm in something that I've flown to and attempt driving home 1000 miles or more....typically with hosts of mechanical failures and other excitement. This time I would like to set out from home with a tuned and maintained machine. regards, E
  11. Thanks guys. I appreciate the direction. I was stumped by getting nowhere with my google searches. I checked out the LZOC site and will join the club. I'm looking forward to getting this car on the road. Because of lacking resources for a ground up restoration, I plan to do it in stages....make it a safe driver first, then go back and work over the aesthetic details. I have a feeling that I should start by pulling the pan and heads to inspect and clean....then brakes, etc. I'll post some photos when I have some worth posting. best regards, E
  12. New owner of a '39 Lincoln Zephyr searching for parts. I just got this ole girl in the garage and sorted through all of the parts that were on the floors and in the trunk. It seems that I have some extra ignition parts and what seems to be front floor pans or perhaps mud guards. I can't tell yet. What I'm looking for: tail light lenses, window/door weatherstripping, speedometer glass bezel, and driver side front bumper guard. If you have any of these parts or have a lead to someone/supplier who does I would greatly appreciate it. PM me or feel free to call (7o7) 357-o88o. many thanks, E
  13. Hi all, I recently bought a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 4 dr. sedan. I'm pretty excited to get started on getting it to driver status. Currently it has brand new interior and supposedly a rebuilt motor. But looking underneath it I see years of built up grease, oil, and dusty sludge. The engine may be "rebuilt" but the rest of the mechanicals and the body definitely need attention. The previous owner had new interior and wiring installed, but did nothing about the dents, wrinkles, and poor weather stripping of the rest of the car. I'll be hitting you up for advice and direction to be sure. I've never owned a Lincoln and have zero experience with V12's. My experience has been predominantly in the flat head six arena. cheers, E