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  1. The maruader is so nice. The interior is all black leather show car material. It's a sick ride. Pulled it out of the driveway the other day and while turning there was a knocking noise so Im thinking something is needing replacement soon.
  2. I'll get some daytime pics of the engine and interior soon. The polaras a beauty I get compliments everywhere I go.
  3. https://plus.google.com/photos/116236764616832445677/albums/5969143690750073777 Pic of the polara in my picasa album bonus pics of my friends cars and my dads mercury Cant upload to this site from my phone haven't been at a computer for days
  4. Mostly dry looking. my friend held a lighter to one looking for fuel on them but found nothing. Also the plugs weren't in very tight when I took them out. Car runs smoother with the new plugs might need a new distributer and carb tune up. It can get up to 50 mph fast for a land yacht.. Will try seafoam though I have used that stuff before. Thanks again for all the great responses guys.
  5. Changed the spark plugs and they were dry / wet fouled dark black. What could cause this .
  6. My brother works for Napa. I'll look into those other filters. Iv used Napa brand brake rotors and Napa hosing no complaints here. Napa is the only place that carries the 20w-50 my bmw uses.
  7. Thanks for the tip on the fram filter. I went with a K&N filter for my bmw and the polara not because Im a fan of k&N (not at all) but because they were the more expensive ones that were available at the auto parts store.
  8. Really great responses from everyone thank you all. I did get as much off as I could when I was in there and I haven't checked that side after I did the engine flush so I'll have to look.
  9. Wow what a story. That polara had a tough life. Mine is in really good shape no real problems I can find yet. One thing I did find is when I redid the valve cover gaskets. The driver side cylinder head is clean and normal looking like my bmw and the passenger side is caked with black hardened crap like someone had poured in something they shouldent have. Also when I first changed the oil after my dad owning it for years the filter was ancient. The engine still fires up great and runs good. Don't know what the black stuff is....
  10. Any suggestions for low sounding mufflers my dad said the muffler has a rust hole and I might replace just that instead of a whole exhaust for the time being.
  11. Thanks for the great advice guys. it's a real head turner when I drive it around. I take lots of pictures of classics in my town but I never see any polaras, my brother said he saw one. Great advice on the exhaust I'll look into those brands. If anyone has a 67 polara or 69 manaco they are sitting on gold lol. Love the 65 though it's sitting on cragger SS rims with light blue paint. It's really an honor being able to drive a car that came out way before I was born. I have a lot of respect for these old cars too they last forever. Currently I have it parked at my friends house next to his Che
  12. I believe it's a 318 but I'm not sure how to spot a 383
  13. Iv done an engine flush, changed a power steering hose, replaced a taillights housing sourced from eBay as well as a turn signal mechanism. My father has passed it down to me and in wondering if anyone can point mIn the right direction as far as finding info on this rare vehicle. Also if anyome has a recommendation for a deep sounding exhaust that will do this car justice.
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