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  1. Hi, a newbe but need some help. I rebuilt my 206 several years ago and drove the car some 5000 mile without issue. I was unable to drive the car for some time 5 years or better. It was running fine when I put the car on blocks to store the car until I had time to use it. Now retired and able to have fun the car engine is an issue. The engine will not rotate, I mean really stuck. Cannot move the engine with the crank without spark plugs. I have put transmission fluid mixed with Acetone soaked it and no luck will not budge. I pulled the valve cover and all the push rods look great none bent, that are not under load from the cam. The valve train is very clean and look perfect. I pulled the starter and tried to pry the engine on the flywheel teeth again will not budge. I am hoping for some insite here as to what may have happened. Crazy from running fine to this. For you who are willing to help I thank you in advance Rodger