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  1. Hi, sorry for the late response. We made the valves ourself. The basic valves are from a mercedes-benz truck, the diameter of the shaft is 10mm and you can have the valve disk diameter what you need. You have to prepare the diameter of the valve guide to 10mm. If you need further Information, please contact me. Regards, Peter from Austria
  2. Hello Ed, I have read that thread. At the moment I´m repairing a Stutz straight 8 engine OHC (built 1929). I would need 8 steel conrods and also the timing chain for replacement. Please can you give me an address or phone number, where I will get the parts? Can you also organize other parts e.g. intake manifold, alternator, starter.....? Hearing soon from you - Best Regards from Austria, Europe. Peter
  3. hello nickg112 i need any parts the Distributor intake and exhaust manifold the oilpump alternator and the starter please send me an answer Thanks
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