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  1. Do you honestly think that car came with a lack lustre, low sheen finish ? Why do you find it attractive in comparison to the other displayed models? I still find it repulsive. Wayne
  2. Too bad they had not provided that icon with a professional looking paint job. The paint is dispicible. Wayne
  3. Sometimes collections escalate from a collection to an investment! Wayne
  4. what a difference 50 plus years can make. Most if not all those treasure troves have disappeared. What a shame that many went to the crusher. The clock turns back for nobody! Wayne
  5. what is your reason for not wanting to just buy a bias tire and get it over with? Wayne
  6. Back on land! I left you a private message. Regards, Wayne
  7. Yes and in the article if mentions $10,000. That could be for insurance purposes. None the less, some low lifer has something he has no right to. Wayne
  8. Toys and cars at this point are not near as important as your health. I pray that you will soon be totally recovered and enjoying life's little pleasures. May God bless you! Wayne
  9. On a cruise ship presently and will call when we dock and fly back to Canada. Wayne
  10. Is this a private sale or a dealership / broker sale? Wayne
  11. it is always sad that a person of such importance to our hobby has passed away. His memories and his contributions will live on forever. My condolences are extended to his family and his legion of friends. Rest in peace Mr. Myer. In sympathy from Wayne in Canada
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