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  1. what a difference 50 plus years can make. Most if not all those treasure troves have disappeared. What a shame that many went to the crusher. The clock turns back for nobody! Wayne
  2. Don't walk, run from this dealer or we will be reading a post from you in the future wanting to know how to get your money back. Wayne
  3. I thought you said you helped him load something in it last night ??? Wayne
  4. Nick. Is this truck in your town, is it for sale . Wayne
  5. There is a small tool available at Harbor Freight for less than 4 dollars that does an anazing job. It is called a hose cutter. Comes in two sizes, one for heater hose and the other for hose up to three inch diameter, Wayne
  6. Your point hit home Carl! I understand ! Wayne
  7. How desirable can they be when it took one of our members ( nick8086 ) a year to get a fuel pump. Nobody wants to tie up their car for a year waiting for parts, I know I don't ! Wayne
  8. I Agree and include a certain lack of clarity, lack of distance capability, lack of FM signal and dependability. Fir all that I will give up the sell ( aroma )! Wayne
  9. Even though. I am usually a bit of a purist my suggestion is get a modern radio built inside the old frame with all original exterior parts. It looks and plays wonderful and you are the only one that knows. Wayne
  10. Good point Rusty...comradary and cooperation are two way streets, wayne
  11. Craig. He got what he asked for and you did good work. My dad used to say, be careful what you ask for because you might just get it! Wayne
  12. In your very first post you asked us about a price so I think it was appropriate to ask the question I did. Not dislosing prices does not assist us in helping you. Enough said! Wayne
  13. Did you want to disclose ask and offer price? Wayne
  14. Don't assume because as you should know by now, assume spells Ass U Me ! Wayne
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