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  1. FS 1927 Buick Master Six for Sale. Included with the purchase of the car is a 1929 six cylinder motor (in pieces) Block, Head, radiator and grill and many parts. Also, pistons and rings for the existing original engine. 75,000 original miles. Original equipment and nearly complete restoration. I drive this car frequently with the local car club. Located in Wenatchee Washington Asking $17,500.00 Contact me via private message.
  2. I have a 1927 Buick Master Six. I have been slowly making improvements, but parts are hard to come by. I had this screeching/grinding noise coming from the firewall area and I thought maybe the driveline was rubbing on some metal. It didn't always make the noise however. One day there was a pop and the noise went away. Now I noticed the speedometer doesn't work and am sure the cable broke. Can someone tell me if you can have them made somewhere??? I have several other issues, so if there is a Buick buff who would like to talk about it, I'd love Thanks,
  3. Hi Keith, My name is Dallas, you can email me at and I will give you my phone number, if you need the motor. Thanks, Dallas
  4. I have a near complete motor. It has not been put together and would be a spare for my 27 buick, however, I would sell the motor for the right offer. Also have the radiator and chrome (Nickel) grill.
  5. WTB I have a 1927 Buick Master Six. It has a Marvel Carburetor that lost the main jet out of the bottom. I bought another carb on ebay and it isn't the same. It's smaller. If you have the right carb, or the main jet from the bottom of the carburetor, I'd be interested in buying. Thanks
  6. I have a 1927 Buick Master 6 with a Marvel Carburetor. On the bottom of carburetor, there is a quarter sized disk which I believe attaches to a set valve screw. It fell out. If I can get the part only, I would like to buy it, but if a full carburetor is available I would like to buy one. You can email at
  7. Do you still have the Marvel Carb. It looks exactly like mine on my 27 Buick. If you do, I am interested in purchasing it. Thank You, Skipper
  8. I called George McMurtry! who makes them and here commended not using it on the rear axle.
  9. As I am new to antique cars and have recently become the proud owner of a 1927 Master 6, At least that's what the title says it is, I am in need of sage advice. Specifically, how do you remove the rear wheels and hub? I have talked to a few people in the forum, or recommended from others, and have been told different things and that some of them could be harmful to the old girl. We named her Madeline. Any help would be greatful.