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  1. Roberta, At this point, i am just trying to get an idea of what it might be worth, but I might be willing to sell. If your friend is interested have him/her contact me through the forum. Thanks. Jim
  2. Hey I'm Jim and I am a new member to this forum. I own a Marlin Blue 1964 Riviera by Buick. As many of you, my dad was a Buick guy. He was a salesman and said that if you drove a Cadillac your customers would think you were doing too well and didn't need their business. Driving a Buick meant you were doing well, but still working hard. I could use some expert help. I attended the Buick Centennial in Flint, MI in 2003 and bought a Buick Centennial wristwatch. I wondered if I might get some help placing a value on it. It's still in all it's original packaging. Thanks.
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