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  1. okay so maybe i spoke a little too soon. I hadnt seen the car before i posted just what the owner told me. I found the original dash in the trunk with about 37,000 miles on it. still not bad at all. Engine needs a little TLC but it does run and PURS.
  2. I will be taking about 50 more pictures tomorrow and I will post a link to the video on youtube. I am located in San Leandro , California.
  3. hey everyone! i just looked at the meter and it only has 6500 miles!
  4. Hey. I have for sale a beautiful 1964 Mercury Marauder 2 door that is all original!25,000 OBO. It also has low miles. I forget the exact amount but I will find out tomorrow and post it. The interior is 10/10 and so is the paint. SHOWROOM CONDITION. It is one of the beautifulest Mercuries I have seen. If you are interested you can call me at 925 219 6430. I will also put more pictures of ( these are all that I have right now) but it would be easier for me to text them to you so just give me a text if you want. Have a Good day!