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  1. I bet a turbocharged nailhead Riviera running 10s in full trim would get some attention, just saying.
  2. I'm pretty interested to see what those wheels will look like. I think they will look great and still pay homage to the road wheels a bit. What is the model name on those?
  3. Too many guys watching car flipping shows. Everyone wants to buy for 300 bucks and sell for 6 figures.
  4. Ok, so i'm in the process of stripping all the old seam sealer out. After removing the bulk of it i need to finish up with a solvent to remove the last of it. Brake cleaner seems to work great, but i would rather not tear through multiple cans of that and was looking for a cheaper option. This is all in preparation for laying down por 15 on the interior and paint afterwards, so i will be degreasing and acid etching after removing the seam sealer.
  5. I'm pretty sure the problem is the crappy engine instead of the carb, and i'm fairly certain Ed knows how to tune a carb. A craptastic engine is just that. Those years were bad for U.S. car engines and resulted in quarter mile times near 20 seconds for Rivieras. Now i know it isn't a drag car and was never intended to be, but that is just a dog no matter how you slice it.
  6. Kind of funny that the same company that built nailheads and the 455's is now making Chinese crap. By funny i really mean sad.
  7. That car would go great with my glass platform shoes and pimping outfit. Without it i'm going to have to pass. I think the guys round my neighborhood would also have to put a wrap on it to pay homage to one of their favorite childhood cereals like sugar smacks or some such.
  8. I live in Oklahoma, where a Ford f150 isn't exactly a farm truck. I have a f150 stx, and i sure as hell wouldn't want to haul a horse trailer with it for example. We see a lot of them in place of cars, and that probably goes for much of the middle of the country. Here are where i got the stats:http://www.autoblog.com/2014/01/08/buick-best-sales-year-ever/ http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/01/03/259395010/ford-tops-resurgent-u-s-car-industry-2013-sales-results-show As with all stats i'm sure they can be mainipulated, but it gives at least a broad picture to look at. I wasn't trying to cherry pick data, but if someone has something else i'd love to see it. As you pointed out, truck sales include some farm trucks, but i think if you are talking about f150s, you sure aren't talking about farm trucks...which make up the bulk of their truck sales. Ford's other top seller was the fusion, which i sure am not a fan of. If i had to pick a current car i liked it would probably be a challenger. I think it keeps a few of the looks of the old one better than the rest. I have always had a use for trucks and probably always will. Need a new appliance...go get it. Need to take the mower up to the shop - done. I guess i could probably do the same thing with an El Camino or Ranchero, but have never had one. Point was, it is a different generation buying the new cars and they are using them differently. Buick passenger car sales in the U.S. are not real good.
  9. 800,000 of their 1,000,000 cars sold were in China, or thereabouts. Not real impressive if you ask me. Compare that with Ford selling 763,000 trucks in 2013. The automotive industry is not what it used to be. People like us are definitely a niche any more.
  10. i'm going to go with not. i also don't like anime, and that is what these type of cars remind me of, the eastern car culture.
  11. Beautiful car. I'm a big fan of that color, really nice. Look forward to seeing it completed and congrats for what has been done so far.
  12. No nailhead, minus 500 points off the bat. The rest of it i leave up to personal taste, but i would like to see a period power plant, raced up or not.
  13. All nice looking cars for sure.
  14. You enjoy setting and replacing points? I don't. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it is enjoyable. I have plenty of other things to fiddle with beyond the ignition. We aren't arguing superior technology surpassed by cheaper, easier to produce wal-mart crap. We are talking about a technology advancing. Maybe it isn't a huge advancement for your particular application. For someone that drives theirs daily it would likely mean more. So are you saying the upgrades required as much maintenance as the points system? If that is true it could be based on a few things. Many times when changing technologies the next step isn't fully developed, but more of a half step. For an example see the change from analog to digital phones. Analog signals were better in a optimal utilization. a sector could be tuned perfectly, power adjusted, radios in top shape and you would never see that quality of signal in the digital equivalent. I liken this to comparing tubes with solid state technology. The analog couldn't carry near as many users and just couldn't go where the digital finally went with data rates and other stats. Now with digital in place for 15 years we don't see the quality issues we saw upon initial release. Those holes were patched so to speak. I'm not taking your experience and throwing it under the bus, but i am wondering if your fleet experience was time or product sensitive. I know that probably wouldn't be the first or last time a product was changed that wasn't a huge hit right? From my experience in fleet it was more a question of $$$ than reliability, especially in today's world. The fleet manager wanted to show he was saving the company x amount of dollars right now, not 2 years down the road, so that usually ended up with who was cheaper. This isn't to say quality wasn't even a factor, but i would be lying if the consensus was that it was a major factor in the consideration. I don't know if it ran like that at your shop, but just a thought. I'm not in a position to put this to the test, but i suppose i can at some point. Even if everything is relatively close in driveability, i am leaning towards the pertronix just for the maintenance-free aspect. I'm pretty sure the tune-up schedule for plugs, points,etc. was far fewer miles in '64 than it was after GM made the switch to HEI. It was just a step in the right direction in my opinion. I will also be adding roller rockers, fuel injection, and opening up the exhaust as much as possible...so perhaps that is why keeping the points is not a big deal to me.
  15. Did someone just call HEI ignition out for reliability...lol. The main selling point for just about anything new compared to old stuff in electronics is reliability.Sure, you can change points out on the road, but how many here have had a hei setup crap out driving down the road? I would put a higher chance on internal engine problems by far. Another selling point is the ability to change the dwell depending on the rpm, which you can't with a points system. 45k volts instead of 15-30k. Hotter spark, cleaner burning. Most people i have talked to noticed a marked improvement from this one simple change. I have no baseline myself to compare it to as i changed mine before i even attempted to drive it on the road. As to mechanical know-how and how long it took, if you can change spark plugs you can make this change. I did mine without moving anything but the the distributor cap. I fished wires in through the bottom. The hardest part was installing the new grommet if that tells you anything.
  16. This covers the pros: http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/ignition_coil_tech/ The cons - if we ever get hit with an emp attack you won't be one of the few guys still out driving. Your electrical system won't be original anymore. I converted mine with a pertronix ignitor 2 paired with a flame thrower 2 coil. It's a 45,000 volt system and more than enough for what i'm doing with mine. The conversion took all of about 30 minutes for me.
  17. Just wanted to throw my two cents in. Good work gents and well appreciated. I actually got to look back and see what is involved in an o/d transmission swap before i try it.
  18. I would never say i had a rust free car unless i had taken the frame off myself and chemically dipped it. It seems like today more than ever people love to paint over rust, and i mean just regular paint...not even rust converter. I had a local paint and body guy come by the shop the other day and give me tips on what he would do,etc. I'm not even going to repeat what he said out of respect for my elders, but to say my jaw dropped would be an understatement. There are shady people out there and it is a shame. Charging $8500 for a paint job while just scuffing it up and giving it the Maaco treatment, painting over rust, etc.
  19. You can't be serious. Are you really telling a guy that his 50 year old transmission fluid is going to be good to go and a better alternative than anything else at present? That is taking it way too far guys. Keep your original air cleaner cover and battery tray, but if you think 50 year old transmission seals and fluid are good to go, i'm going to have to call you nuts.
  20. I agree. Assuming it wasn't just painted over rust and bondo i think someone got a deal.
  21. The problem is that the seals may be 50 years old. What type of fluid may not matter if it won't hold any in the case. I guess you could always run around with a case a fluid and figure it in to your gas consumption for joy rides, but i would get tired of adding two quarts every time i filled it up:o
  22. Rebuilding the transmission is cake. At least you have rebuildable cores and some parts. Maybe you can find a better body that needs a motor,transmission, etc. and make one good one out of two that are hurting.
  23. I was all about saving it until the last picture. The floorpans aren't that big of a deal. They sell them for 52.79 a piece and there are 8 total. Looks like you need maybe 6 of the 8, maybe less. Once you start talking about replacing structural metal i'm out unless it is patch jobs. The floorpan patch panels will go from the rocker panel to about an inch up on the transmission hump. Anything after that you have to make yourself.
  24. I think this car originally went up on craigslist in my area about 4 or 5 months ago, about the time i was tearing mine down. It was originally 15k or thereabouts. I remember thinking, damn, that would have saved me some work...i should go look at it. Now that it is up for the current price i am wondering what the hell is wrong with it. Bondo queen maybe? Yea, i'm not real happy about the colors either. the outside doesn't bug me, but coupled with the inside it looks like they couldn't decide which way to go. If i was going to have a red interior i think it would need to be red outside or white. Ah well to each his own. It still looks like a hell of a deal from the outside. I may go look at it if i get time this week to satisfy my curiosity.
  25. This car has been listed in the Oklahoma City area for quite a while. I think originally it was set at 15k and is now down to $6500. Why i have no idea, but i have had my eye on it a while. The guy says he needs to sell it this week. i wonder what the deal is with this car, because from the pictures it looks pretty good. http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/cto/4522644681.html
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