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  1. I hear you, I am learning the hard way. Had I not stumbled onto the pinholes I was going to do it all myself. I was just hoping for a " professional" opinion. Lesson learned I guess. It is not over with me and this shop, I am getting some form of compensation.
  2. Haha well I haveto be completely honest so please do not end our nice conversation relationship. When you said you were taking it off of a 64 I had read it a few times, as I don't recall seeing many if any with vinyl tops on them. Don't you just love some of the things previous owners do to these cars? Don't feel to bad though, my cars previous owner thought he would protect the car by putting a nice car cover on it since it set outside.....keep in mind he did not buy the right type of cover, so it was pretty much wrapped up in a big wet sponge. Then he kindly removed the cover and wadded it up in the trunk before the truck came to pick it up for shipping. The trunk got SOAKED. Glad it is safe in my garage now. Sorry about the top though, souns like you got licked though.
  3. I hear ya Bernie. I have to keep learning the hard way that the modern day "professional mechanic", knows about as much as I do. That is not saying I know a lot, it is just to say that I take the time to read, investigate, study, consult, and in short easy terms, make sure I know what in the heck I am doing. Lessons learned I guess. So you said you were removing the vinyl top from a 1970? My #1 favorite cars are the 63 & 64, but I gotta tell ya, the 70 is neck and neck when it comes to my dream car list. I love how it is a very unique one off year design, with little similarity to the surrounding years. The front end is amazing, the rear end is amazing, I love the interior, especially the console option with the arching shifter. Few cars give you that feeling inside like a Rivi....
  4. Hello everyone, I wanted to see if I could get a little advice. SO I was about half way through getting my 1963 Rivi fuel tank (which was in pretty rough shape inside) stripped and cleaned inside and out. I had the inside looking pretty much brand new using apple cider vinegar, and about a foot and a half of small chain. Once I got to a certain point I did notice several TINY pinholes, too small to see with the eye, but you could see these areas getting a little seep through. So I decided just to make sure it went well I took it to a local shop that is supposed to be the "master" of fuel tank repairs. I explained my situation before I even took the tank in, telling them that I needed it to be done right, and did not want to gamble that me doing the Eastwood/ POR-15 kit may not seal the pinholes. I explained this was a 50 year old tank that was very important to me. They said they could do it all with no problem at all...."We have been doing tanks like this for 25 years, and have never had one come back". Fast forward a week and a half to the day I go pick it up. Now I am not sure what the swearing policy is on this forum, so I will lean to the safe side and keep it clean, but for all you guys who enjoy a good swear, use your imagination. When I got the tank back I noticed a large round circle (baseball size) right square in the middle of the bottom that had been obviously, and poorly welded in....AND I find that the lower right front corner has a large open threaded hole that is a nut that has been welded in with no drain plug. Needless to say I was livid and would have N E V E R let these idiots touched my tank if I knew they would cut on it....and poorly at that. He straight out admitted that he cut the holes for easier tank clean out and drainage, which I made sure to tell them, was the LAZY way out. With that being said, I am where I am. I had a HEATED discussion with this shop, and they offered to take it back so they could repair it correctly, which I do not trust them, and think any further cutting will only make things worse. Does anyone know a good source to get a nice solid fuel tank? I do not see that they are made as a repro any where......Thanks for letting me rant
  5. Hey thanks for that info. I am headed out to grab those this morning, didn't have time to cut the old ones and was not sure exactly the size. As always I appreciate all the forums help. Thanks!!
  6. Hey everyone, long time no talk. I am finally crawling out of hibernation after a long harsh winter. I am tackling my 63 Riv fuel tank. It is loaded with sludge and gunk. Doing a tank resto, new sending unit, fuel lines, pump, filter. Pretty much starting fresh for all new fuel delivery. One question...does anyone happen to know the size of the hardware that holds the tank straps. Mine were so crusty that I got them loose enough to get the tank down, but not loose enough to get out of the straps. May have to cut them, or just order new straps too....considering doing that any way. OPG has the hardware....for $20.00...seems a little high. Thanks!
  7. Hello again everyone. I had another question for all you Rivi experts. I noticed in the Jan/ Feb issue of "The Riview" there is a feature on a BEAUTIFUL 63 owned by Steve Sabbe featured on page 14. My 63 has all four matching turbine style wheel covers with spinners. They are all in good shape and matching. However I noticed that on Steve's car the cast aluminum part of the wheel cover with the fins have a much more consistent finish than mine, almost as they had been polished? for lack of a better description? Mine have a slightly rougher look, almost like oxidized to some degree? Is this something that a polishing shop would do or is there some DIY polishing or cleaning process? There seems to be an awful lot of detail to try to polish or rub out DIY. Thoughts or tips? Thanks guys!
  8. I double checked the number on the block, and it is a JT code, meaning it is the 401 if I understand that correctly. The ID number on the block does match the VIN plate on the cowl so I believe it is the original motor. The only obvious thing on the motor that is not original is the carb, someone has put an Edelbrock on it which does not have a proper choke set up. PERSONALLY I do not know how fond I am of after market carbs. I have limited experiences with them, and have never had trouble with original/ rebuilt carbs, but HAVE had some issues with a Demon, and also an Edelbrock in the past. Everything else seems to be original, and shows no signs of anyone tinkering or tampering with things.
  9. Finally got a chance to load my body tag from the firewall of my 63. Couldn't get a great shot, but descent.
  10. Hey thanks for replying, and WOW that is a beautiful car! I also appreciate you, and everyone else being so kind and giving good advice. I also especially appreciate what you said when you said "do it the way you want". I am in a good position with my car because it is far from perfect, and I am actually liking the car sporting its blemishes. I like custom cars, yet I do not have the heart to hack a classic all to pieces, or do crazy modifications. Also, when it comes to the Rivi's....What could you do to improve them?? They are gorgeous cars as they sit from the line. With my car I plan on getting the mechanical aspect gone through front to back. Do some heavy detailing/ cleaning, and switching out to possibly a chrome reverse with wide whites....maybe air bags or lowered, andjust drive and enjoy it. Maybe as I get older I may want to do a full resto at some point. I kind of live between the world of liking the all original cars, but liking the slight touches to give that personal individuality, yet not going to crazy to change an already beautifully designed car
  11. WOW I absolutely LOVE that, that is a nice looking car. I love that color combo!
  12. Hey thank you sir! I am not exactly sure of the true mileage, but I believe it is showing around 90,000? One of the things that grabbed me about the car as the condition of the trim. Once I got the car home and REALLY got to give it a good looking over, I was shocked on how straight and brilliant the trim is. So do you currently have a Rivi at the moment? It looks like you had a list of cars going.....wish I had the space to start a collection haha. I always tell my wife that if we ever become rich, our garage will be twice as big as our house haha.
  13. So here are some pics of my 63 I acquired late this Summer. Hoping to possibly start devoting some time and money to her this Spring. It is a little rough around the edges, but something about the car grabbed me and would not let go. I can literally just go out and look at it or sit in it and never get tired of it. There is a lot of misc cleaning, polishing, replacing small parts etc that I have been toying around with until I am ready to start going through the mechanicals, just leaving it be until I find the right person for that job. I am not experienced with the nail head motors and would like a professional to let me know there opinion. Will get the pic of the firewall tag soon, once the holiday madness slows down.
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