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  1. Comes with the rare option, “cordless string trimmer”.
  2. Looks to be one that fits the bill on eBay.
  3. Door jamb appears to have overspray on rubber and trim at base of window and vinyl roof has rust bubbles underneath. Car may need closer look to confirm low miles and pictures of the engine bay would be helpful.
  4. Son: “mom what happens to old cars when their no good anymore?” Mom: “your dad usually buys them!!!”
  5. Just an observation but the roof colour appears to match the body colour in one picture?
  6. The last 2 pictures appear to show the top of the front fenders which condition and paint match the firewall. Something not adding up here?
  7. As to whether repainted an indication is visible on the front door jambs in particular the wire loom has been painted. As to original colour the closest one to current is likely “Coronado cream”,
  8. Partially showing in the 4th picture looks to be a “formfit trunk” which was an accessory item for 1934 Plymouth’s. If so and from same car as fender than it may be a 34 fender?
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