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  1. The last 2 pictures appear to show the top of the front fenders which condition and paint match the firewall. Something not adding up here?
  2. As to whether repainted an indication is visible on the front door jambs in particular the wire loom has been painted. As to original colour the closest one to current is likely “Coronado cream”,
  3. Partially showing in the 4th picture looks to be a “formfit trunk” which was an accessory item for 1934 Plymouth’s. If so and from same car as fender than it may be a 34 fender?
  4. A fine example of a 61 Imperial - tallest fins for the make.
  5. https://evapo-rust.com/evapo-rust-gel/ Comes in gel but may not be as effective??? Anyone used the gel?
  6. Too much on your plate? Just eat the elephant one bite at a time!!!
  7. Perhaps it was dropped and damaged in shipping?
  8. One sold on ebay recently and they do show up there from time to time - patience is the key. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1935-36-Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler-DeSoto-Autolite-Voltage-Regulator-TC-4301-A/383113836093?hash=item59335d363d:g:HBMAAOSw01pdXJd0
  9. Ingenuity to the nth degree - thankfully the little tab held up or it may have occasioned some choice words!!
  10. What are the dimensions of the battery cover? Thanks
  11. The little brackets mount on the inside of the door frame to limit the upward travel of the window. There are 2 posts that are part of the window frame just below the vent windows that are stopped from going higher by the brackets. They are just below the vent window and are 2 per vent window. The narrow part goes under and the wider part screws in at topside.
  12. Attached are 2 pics of window rollers on my 34 Plymouth PE which appears to be same set up as dodge. 1st pic is from outside looking in with trim molding unscrewed and moved aside. 2nd pic is from inside looking out which also shows the outer roller which appears to attach from the underside - going to be a fun job putting new rubbers on both.
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