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  1. I'm looking at building a fast four based speedster, starting from basically nothing. my intention is to build it from parts rather than strip/chop a complete car, but I'm struggling to find information on the details of a fast four so I know what to look for. I would like the speedster to be easily identifiable as a circa '27-28 dodge even without any dodge body panels. this is both for my satisfy my love of "correctness" and to hopefully simplify registering it for road use. what mechanical/detail parts from other '27-8 models or other years suit a fast four? what are the key features that i
  2. I guess you once had a german girlfriend too. this is the link for birth certificates: http://automuseum.volkswagen.de/index.php?id=12&L=1 a 67 steel sunroof is a nice model. life is better with the roof back. you must be excited, please post lots of pictures once it arrives. henry.
  3. im assuming you mean this plate. my german is terrible but I know hinten is rear/bum. i'm pretty sure the numbers are max laden weight (1180kg), max front (490kg) and max rear (710kg) weights. VW didn't mark options or paint colours on their vin plates. the colour was shown by a sticker behind the spare wheel. if you have any original paint left, this should help sort out your colours for you: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/paintcodestype1.php i'm assuming, as it has a 1500, your car is a deluxe model, so you want to scroll down to the section "Models 113, 114, 117, 118, 151, 152 A
  4. thanks. back to looking I guess. for my next stupid question. will a fast four bolt up to a victory six gearbox?
  5. hi, i'm looking at building a dodge based speedster. I have found a well priced fast four motor, and circa '24 running gear that is perfect for what I want. aka basically no body work, so not a suitable restoration candidate and the frame is rusty in the centre but with good front and rear ends, so is perfect for shortening. ideally i'd like to use all '28 parts for ease of registration, but at the moment the '24 seems perfect. before I start spending money, will a fast four motor bolt into a '24 fame? will it bolt up to the '24 gearbox? thanks henry.
  6. hi, i can't tell you what it is for but i'm fairly certain it's not for a VW. the face doesn't match any era vw gauge and i've never seen or heard of one like it in 18 years of playing with VW's. the 1.59 stamp is the date of manufacture. it is a rear wind windup clock. the big knob on the back being the winder. as a generalization vw clocks in the 50's were either front wind for oval/big window beetles and kombi's or side wind with the winder in the glovebox on split window beetles. if you pull out the bulb holder, the thing with the square end with a screw in it, at 1 o'clock in the rear p
  7. to be honest i'm just the messenger, I spotted it while hunting for parts for an off topic car a couple of years ago and always wondered what it was. the guy who identified it and is taking it home has a Richards DC8 he is restoring and wants it for spares for his project. even if he got the id wrong I don't think he will mind too much as he has several drivers and "a few" other dodge bros projects.
  8. a little off topic, but this Richards bodied DC8 has been identified and will shortly be heading to a new dodge loving owner. henry.
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