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  1. I had a similiar problem with my 1947 pontiac streamliner. i cleaned all the core plugs and water flow was good but raidiator kept boiling over at idling speeds, not while running. In india we do not need the thermostat . i found the problem was the airflow cowl above the radiator which guides the airflow thru the radiator was removed. i fitted it back and the problem was solved.
  2. I am looking for the following parts for restoring my 1947 4 door pontiac streamliner. - hood springs - hood hinges - hood release lever. - rocker chrome strips both sides. body style 26. - steering wheel with monogram. - front fender chrome strips. - front grille pontiac monogram. not hood ornament. if anyone has any or all these parts or if there is a car about to be broken , ple let me know. krishnan
  3. hi prithvi , how far has the restoration come. i am krishnan from hyderabad. i also own a 1947 pontiac streamliner which i hope to start restoring in jan 2014. i have lined up a lot of spares before i start the restoration. are you keeping it at 6v or converting to 12 v ?
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