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  1. I really like the curved back seat. Still holding out hope for my son. Maybe things will change when he can drive it.
  2. I also have a 12 yr old son, but he could care less about cars. He is all sports all the time. Recently I pointed to a modern Mustang and asked if he could name the car. He said Ferrari (because of the horse). Depressing.
  3. You are right. I edited my post a few minutes ago. I thought I saw a '67 plate but after a quick Google search, I'm now thinking it was '66. The IL plate was white with red lettering in '66.
  4. He was driving, I've seen it around town and in the high school parking lot. In his defense I think he was taking a picture of my car, although he had no idea they were supposed to be arch enemies.
  5. I took this shot while getting gas last night... I'm hoping this is a sign kids are embracing the hobby.
  6. Quick question. I'm thinking about buying cornering lights from a seller that is out of state. I have a '63 with tilt steering. The donor car is the same. Do I need anything other than the sockets and wiring? Thanks for your help! Joe
  7. Here is some information on the car: http://www.jrmediation.com/1965-buick.htm
  8. Installed the new motor and window mechanism. Finally all 4 windows work great! I have to say the quarter window install went easier than I had expected. Also using the body manual, it was relatively easy to adjust it (or I was lucky). Yesterday I installed the new carpet/interior and now I just plan to drive it!
  9. I already pulled it. I'm pretty sure its the motor. Just found one on EBay, hopefully this will solve my problem.
  10. I had the motor working perfect but it just died again. Does anyone have a left rear motor?
  11. Yes, I took everything out to be cleaned.
  12. Hi David This was the first time I rebuilt a power window motor and it wasn't too bad. I followed this: http://www.chip.com/buick/techtips/windowrebuild.html. The motor works perfect now, but I have yet to re-install it (too darn cold!) I'll post an update when that time comes. Thanks for all of your help! Joe
  13. Finally got the window out. What a royal pain. As I suspected the motor was completely frozen. This shot was taken before I started cleaning it.
  14. Hi everyone! New guy here. I picked up my Riv last fall and now that the holidays are over I'm starting to dig into it. I have a question regarding the quarter window. My driver's side window does not work (stuck in the up position). I have a '63 body manual and it indicates you need to lower it in order to disengage the cam from the roller on the regulator lift arm. Does anyone have a trick on how to remove the window when it is stuck in the up position?