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    Im 24 and have been dealing with antique autos since age 13 when I bought my first classic. A 1963 dodge d100 stepside, I paid $45 for it and cut the owners yard. Ive owned too many others to count since then but i has a 1968 mustang (wife's), 1964 f100, and a 1954 WILLYS AERO that will be staying with us.

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  1. Looking for NOS willys aero lenses for a 54-55. T.I.A. JD
  2. can you advise me on how you ran the batches, got the ball rolling on reproducing?
  3. Is anyone interested in getting repo 54 aero taillight? I have 3 NOS bottom lenses that I am keeping for myself to hopefully get a professional mold out of. I have two used upper lenses Im hoping to get a mold professionally made for as well but have very slight imperfections. If any one out there has a set or just one NOS 54 upper lens please let me know. I will keep this thread updated on a round about price as soon as I find something out. I saw the one on the "Brazil ebay'' but I heard that they did not fit properly. Maybe some of yall could throw some insight on that this way.
  4. Ive tried looking at mercadolibre, has anyone every purchased anything from there. Is it a simple process or has anyone had issues with receiving items?