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  1. I renewed both main bearings, they were bad, however that did not solve the problem. It just shifts very sharp now, not so difficult anymore
  2. Mark, thanks I tried this already but the noise is to much in first and second gear I guess the teeth are to much worn
  3. First series Buick straight 8 started in July 1930 1931 is second series
  4. Hi, The transmission of my 1930 Buick 8-55 Phaeton is making a lot of noise in first and second gear. Third is quiet. Both main bearing were out so I renewed them but the noise is still there, so I guess it is the teeth which are worn cause of the faulty bearings So now I am looking for a 1930 Buick 8-55 transmission (not syncro with torq tube) Or does anybody have another suggestion to solve the noise problem Any help really appreciated Thanks
  5. Hi, do you still have if for sale, seriously interested please send me a PM thanks
  6. I redone mine without any problems the only thing you need is a hydraulic (car workshop) press to remove the center hubs then you remove the spokes also with the hydraulic press without a hydraulic press it is not possible my wheels came out beautiful See below pics how I got them and how they came out
  7. k562381

    1931 Buick 8-67

    sippo23@hotmail.com thanks
  8. I need a set of fenders with wells for a 1931 Buick 8-50
  9. Hello, I am looking for a Heat riser for my 1931 Buick 8-50 Help is really appreciated when you know where to find one thanks
  10. Hello, I am trying to find where I can buy a new set of chrome wire wheels for my 1931 Buick Pheaton Presently I have 18 Inch steel spoke wheels which came originally with the car, but I believe these models were also delivered with 19 inch wheels I have seen many restored Phaetons with those beautiful chrome wheels ( a little wider than stock) but can not find a supplier I tried true-spoke but they say they do not make them Help is really appreciated
  11. David, thanks for the reply I will email you later thanks again
  12. Marty, thanks anyway for trying Steele Rubber & Bob's were the best options, but neither of them did have it
  13. I will make a picture later and post it